Monday, November 26, 2012

Mommy Must-Haves

It's still hard to comprehend that I've been a mother for over a year. But, I have been and I've learned a lot in the past 12+ months. Here are a few of the products that have made my life even just a little easier this past year.


Seriously, links are the best, most versatile baby toy! They were one of the first toys Harry was interested in, and he still likes playing with them now. They travel so easily and will keep babies entertained away from home by clipping onto shopping carts and restaurant high chairs. Plus, you can't beat the price tag!

BabyGanics Cleaner

I'm definitely not the most green, natural mama on the block, but I definitely have swayed in that direction more and more over the last year. However, I've always liked to use green cleaning products in my home. Over the summer I discovered the BabyGanics All Purpose Cleaner and simply fell in love with the stuff! The ingredients, the scent (lavender), the cleaning power... everything!

California Baby Shampoo

Love California Baby! This shampoo/body wash works and smells great. It's kind of expensive, but one bottle lasts a long time. I also really love that it's "tear free," since a lot of the more natural baby shampoos aren't.


While this clearly doesn't have anything to do with motherhood, Netflix has been one of my saving graces this past year! Some shows I've gone though include: That 70s Show, How It's Made, SNL, 30 Rock, Mad Men, Grey's Anatomy, Parks and Rec, The Office and Scrubs to name a few lot. One show I really wish was on Netflix is Friends. A girl I lived with one summer in college had seasons 1-8 on DVD, so I watched a lot of Friends that year, but I've never seen seasons 9-10 :(.

Netflix also has a pretty decent kids section. I've been turning on Yo Gabba Gabba for Harry off and on for a while now, but just recently started paying real attention to it. He gets so excited when he sees DJ Lance, it's so cute!


When I was pregnant I didn't think a glider was necessary for us. We have a small office chair in the nursery and I had just planned on using that if I never needed to sit down. We were gifted our glider, and holy cow am I glad to have it! We used the glider sporadically during Harry's first three months. But when the four month wakeful period hit we created a more structured bedtime routine and have used the glider every night since.

If you're pregnant now, I can't recommend a glider highly enough!

Boppy Pillow

I bought the Boppy Pillow with the intentions of using it to breastfeed Harry. Obviously that didn't work out quite as I would have liked, but we still managed to use the pillow every day for Harry's first year. It was a great place to prop him for bottle feedings, a comfortable napping location and helpful with tummy time and sitting. There are other breastfeeding pillows out there that have better reviews than the Boppy, but aren't nearly as versatile.

Infant to Toddler Rocker

Vintage Harry!

We haven't used the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler rocker for a few months now, but we used it daily during Harry's first nine months. We used this seat for lots of things. Basically anytime we couldn't be holding Harry, he was in here. It vibrates which always soothed him right to sleep and it can also rock, but we usually kept the kickstand out so it was more stable.

Since Harry is such a young toddler and isn't super steady on his feet we've put the rocker away for the time being. Once he's able to move around better we'll bring it out again so he can use it as a little rocking chair.

Cloth Diapers

We started cloth diapering Harry just before he turned six months old. I love it! You can read more about our cloth diaper experience here. My two favorite brands for cloth diapers are Blueberry and Rump-a-rooz. Both fit Harry really well and offer great leak protection.

Beaba BabyCook

I really enjoyed making Harry's baby food. I made practically all his purees (except meats) so I used our BabyCook a ton! The machine is really easy to use and made the perfect amount of food for us to keep in the freezer. We stopped purees when Harry was about nine months old, so I didn't use the machine for long, but I was very glad to have it when I was making dozens of ounces of food a week!

What items helped you during your child's first year? Sound off in the comments!!

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  1. Some of these items I have already registered for and others I was debating on still. Great List!


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