Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Celebrations

Since our music class was canceled yesterday we took Harry to the Halloween festivities at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg. Harry dressed up in his adorable pumpkin costume and I got into the holiday spirit with some skull and crossbones earrings.

The mall was packed with tons of cute kids dressed up. Rather strangely,  the most popular costume-theme was Wizard of Oz! We saw so many Dorothys, Tin Mans, Lions and Scarecrows. I thought there was going to be a ton of Gangnam Style costumes but I didn't spot any mini Psys at the mall. My favorite costume was a toddler dressed up as the Morton Salt girl, so creative!

All of the stations set up were geared towards older kids, but they did have a kids concert that was right up Harry's alley!

He looks so serious in the above picture but he was dancing and having a great time. After the concert we went to Sbarro for lunch. As his Halloween treat we grabbed Harry an Auntie Anne's pretzel to enjoy.

After the mall we came home and just putzed around the rest of the day. There was another Halloween event last night we thought about attending but ultimately decided against it. So, it was a pretty low key first Halloween for Harry, but fun nonetheless.

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