Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First Real Breakfast

In our ongoing efforts to wean Harry off formula, he got his first "real" breakfast yesterday morning. The night before I was so excited and set everything up on the counter so I wouldn't accidentally prepare a bottle out of habit. I had planned a nice breakfast of Quaker Oats summer berry oatmeal and a few ounces of milk.

I'm not a fan of oatmeal or berries, but it smelled delicious! Harry enjoyed it for ohhhh, .5 seconds?

The first few bites were a huge success. But then he figured out the oatmeal was in place of his usual bottle, so he decided he didn't like it anymore. I haven't spoon fed him in a long time so that probably threw him off a bit, too. He probably ate a third of the oatmeal when he flat out refused anymore, but was obviously still hungry. So we finished breakfast with some fresh organic raspberries and a handful of Cheerios.

If mom can't give him a bottle, he'd much rather feed himself apparently. Noted, little man, noted.

This morning we're going Thanksgiving dinner shopping. I don't know exactly what I'm making, but it'll be a small feast fit for 2.5 people. Since I'm obviously not going to roast an entire turkey I think I might make some turkey/stuffing/vegetable/whateverelseicanthinkof casserole. Should be yummy!

I was actually supposed to have an eye doctor appointment today but I woke up Sunday morning with my left eye throbbing in pain. I sleep in my contacts (they are approved for overnight use) so I immediately ran to the bathroom and took them out. My eye was all red and swollen. I think something got underneath my contact and scratched the hell out of my eyeball. My eye was still sore yesterday so I rescheduled my appointment for next week. Until then I'll be rockin' my Ray-Bans since that was my last pair of contacts.

Oh, and I got rid of the Disqus comment thingy I had. I really liked the idea of the program but I know people were having trouble seeing it. So, back to the regular, old Blogger comment section!


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