Thursday, November 8, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

As expected, Harry's birthday yesterday was pretty low key. But, I think he knew it was his special day. I made sure of that :)

We started out with our first music class in the morning. There were six or seven babies in the class, which was a perfect class size. We had a lot of fun! We sang some familiar songs and learned a few new ones as well.

After class we took Harry to Panera for his first kids meal- a grilled cheese sandwich and pickle! Ant and I both ordered bread bowls (creamy tomato for me and broccoli cheese for him).

We also split a chocolate chip cookie three ways. It was Harry's first taste of chocolate! I was allergic to it as a kid so I really don't want little boy to have it, but I made an exception for his birthday. He loved the cookie, of course.

When we got home Harry and I took a two and a half hour nap. It was glorious!

After our nap we hung around for a few hours before it was time to open presents. Care to guess what's in the packages?

I'm not sure how much he enjoyed opening the presents, but he definitely liked what was inside!

The Meowsic keyboard was definitely the biggest hit of the evening. It's a really fun toy and is just perfect for our little dancer. After dinner we sung Happy Birthday and gave him half a Deerfield's cupcake.

Yum-o! I think he liked the Deerfield's cupcake more than the smash cake. Can't say I blame him, I made the smash cake with applesauce to be healthier, which I'm sure Deerfield's doesn't do :).

Over all it was a really fun day!

(If you're wondering, we got his birthday shirt from Cafe Press)

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