Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baby Led Co-Sleeping?

Whew, last night was a rough one. To start, Harry took an early evening nap so I knew his bedtime would be pushed back some. Which was fine. He's usually in bed by 8:30 and last night he started showing signs of tiredness a little after 9pm. Lately he's been crying for a few minutes after we put him in his bed, before putting himself to sleep.

Last night was different. His cries were 10 times harder than usual. We went in multiple times to try and rock him to sleep (a big no-no in my book, but we were getting desperate!). He'd fall asleep and then as soon as he hit the mattress he'd be back up on his feet screaming for his life. I brought him out to the living room to see if some playtime would knock him out. Nope. I thought maybe he was still hungry so I made him another bottle. He drank it all, but was again, crying the second I put him in the crib.

I've never been big on co-sleeping. When he was really little it scared the crap out of me. These PSAs didn't help, either. Since he's a little older now I've brought him to bed a small handful of times the past few months. While I love the snuggle time, I have a terrible time sleeping with him in the bed next to me.

However, I have been taking naps with him more frequently lately. Not every day, but maybe twice a week over the last three weeks or so. I don't always fall asleep (sometimes I just play on my Nexus), but if I do it's usually no problem for me. Maybe it's because it's still light out or because I know we'll only be sleeping for an hour or two at most. Who knows.

Anyways, back to last night. Around 11:45, after two and a half hours of screaming, it dawned on me to bring him into our bed. Worked like a mother flipping charm! He was out in less than two minutes.

Sigh. I hope this doesn't become the norm around here. I would never get any real sleep! Or housework, since I do a lot of my cleaning after he goes to bed and I was too paranoid to leave him last night.

Since this post is all about sleep, here's a picture I snapped just the other night of an awkward sleeping position I found him in.

I don't know how that was comfortable at all, and he managed to sleep like that for at least 10 minutes! Whatever floats your boat, dude.

Here are a couple other shots from yesterday that are too cute not to share.

His newest thing is chewing on poor Laugh & Learn Puppy's nose. :)


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