Wednesday, November 7, 2012

12 Month Update

Phew, getting this update out just before his birthday is over! We had a pretty busy day and it's hard for me to get on my computer most afternoons because Harry is really interested in my computer these days. 


Weight: My best guess is 21 pounds. He has a doctor's appointment next week where we'll get his official one year old stats.
Height: About 30 inches, he is due for a growth spurt!
Diaper Size: This past month he's worn one disposable diaper (Luvs size 4) every day. I'm so glad we decided to do this because it has really helped keep our laundry routine under control. I do however, much prefer our cloth diapers and I can't imagine using anything else full time.
Clothing Size: He still fits in to some 9 month onesies, but everything else is 12 or 18 months. Size 4 shoes still fit.
Eating:  After Harry recovered from his virus we traded his midday bottle for a sippy cup of organic whole cow's milk. At first he was kind of spitting some of it out, but he's gotten much better about drinking it. I think the thickness kind of threw him for a loop at first, since he was used to just drinking water out of the sippys. He's now drinking about 8 oz. of formula a day, and next week we'll probably cut out his morning bottle for a real breakfast. We'll finish up our last can of formula with his nightly bottles and will switch to cow's milk 100% when it's gone. He still eats three solid meals a day, too. New foods he's loving include: mandarin oranges, brie cheese and Goldfish crackers.
Sleeping: Sleep has been great this month. Last week he randomly woke up at 3am one night. The time change was a pretty easy transition, thankfully!
Teeth: Still only six, but he's definitely due for a couple more soon. It's been at least 2 months since the last one popped through.

New category this month!

Talking: He hasn't really said his first word yet, but he does babble a lot. He still says "dada" when I ask him to say "mama." A new sound he is making is "doot," which I'm halfway convinced is his word for juice, so that's something. He understands a lot though, which is awesome.

Here are a few more pictures from our cake smash and some random shots I took the other day of him walking around.

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