Friday, October 26, 2012

Walking Baby

I think it's now safe to say we have a walker!! I could not be more proud of my 11.5 month old baby. Yesterday he was walking a ton and was doing up to five steps in a row. He was even doing it on his own, without any coaching from Ant or me.

Crawling is still his favorite way of getting around, and will be for a while I'm sure, but he seemed very proud of his accomplishment.

Woo! I can't wait until he is walking everywhere. So adorable!

Here's a video of Harry taking a few steps.

We've got a full agenda today. Along with our weekly grocery shopping I want to go to Babies R Us to check out their baby carriers. I know, he's walking and almost one, but I hate that I never got into babywearing. I had every intention of doing it while I was pregnant, but I hate the Moby and the Snugli I have is bad for his hips so I rarely use it. BRU has a Mei Tai carrier I want to look at, which is approved for kids up to 36 pounds (Harry is just over 20 pounds).

Tonight I think we're going to go to a Halloween party, so that should be fun. Harry has a really cute, albeit unoriginal, costume I can't wait for him to wear.

Have a great weekend!

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