Tuesday, October 16, 2012


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Have I mentioned my insomnia on my blog? Maybe when I was pregnant. It was awful back then. The last few weeks of my pregnancy I was able to sleep like a normal person but the last month or so it's been out of control. I'm tired of it! (pun intended) The other "night" I didn't fall asleep until nearly 5am and was up with Harry a mere three hours later. To compensate I've been napping with him in the mornings, but that throws my whole day off and just continues the vicious cycle of not falling asleep until the wee hours of the morning.

Depression, anxiety and caffeine all contribute to my insomnia, but I've dealt with the problem since I was in elementary school. Right now I'm desperately trying to get back on a more normal schedule. I used to drink a caffeinated drink in the evenings, but this week I removed that from my diet. Hasn't helped yet :(. I stress over a lot of stuff at night so I have also created a daily schedule of things we need to do so I can relax a bit more.

Any other tips and tricks are welcome! On a related note, if you know if any organizational apps, please let me know in the comments below :)

Just for fun, here are a few pictures I took of Harry yesterday.

From the Interwebz:
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-Regretsy (how did I not hear about this site until yesterday, it's great!)

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