Friday, October 5, 2012

Feels Like Sunday

But it's only Friday! Ant was off all day yesterday. We just kind of putzed around the house in the morning and ran errands in the afternoon.

First on the list was our realtor's office. We had to pay this month's rent and resign our lease for the next year. We actually considered moving this year but after looking around at different condos in the area we realized what a bargain of a place we have. All the condos in our area with two bedrooms and two bathrooms go for $200-500 more a month than we're paying.

After resigning our lease we stopped by Binny's to pick up some of the beer we enjoyed at the Oktoberfest a few weeks ago.

We also did our weekly grocery shopping and picked up a cheesy Halloween shirt for Harry at Babies R Us.

Speaking of Harry, look what he can do now.

We've been keeping his folded up Pack n' Play in the living room to keep him from crawling all over the place. It worked for a while, but now he's a master at climbing on top of it. He hasn't quite figured out how to get back down, but we're working on it. The absence of pants and one sock is imperative to his recent successes :).

After Harry went to bed last night Ant and I played a rousing game of a 2003 edition of Trivial Pursuit.

We both graduated high school in 2003, which obviously was my heyday because I did really well and won the game!

Today we have plans to go to a pumpkin patch. Should be fun!

Anyone have fun plans for this weekend?

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