Sunday, October 7, 2012

11 Months Old

My baby's first birthday is next month. Un.Be.Lievable. 


Weight: Probably around 20.5 pounds. Maybe a little more, he hasn't been weighed since his doctor's appointment in August.
Height: I'm guessing he's hit the 30 inch mark.
Diaper Size: Lovin' the cloth diapers! We haven't had disposables at our house for a couple weeks now, which in theory, is nice. However, since we only have the half size washing machine I've been having to do laundry much more frequently. He's also been pooping more this past week, which doesn't help the laundry situation. This morning we picked up a box of size 4 Luvs to help get our laundry get back on track. He'll probably wear one or two a day at most.
Clothing Size: We've put a bunch of his nine month stuff away, although he still fits in his 9 month onesies. Most everything else is 12 month. He fits in size 4 shoes.
Eating: Mid-September we dropped a bottle, so he was eating two 8 ounce bottles and one 4 ounce bottle a day. Getting him down to three was a dream come true! Especially since he still doesn't hold his own bottle. Lately he's been showing less interest in his afternoon bottle so we've reduced that to 6 ounces. As far as solid foods, Harry can't get enough! He typically eats a yogurt or smoothie in the morning, some cheese with a protein and fruit or veggie in the afternoon and a little of whatever I make for dinner. After hearing about all the arsenic in rice I decided to go ahead and give him some wheat. We started with Cheerios and he hasn't had any issues. Oh, and he loves his straw sippy cups, which we call his juice, even though he only ever gets water. He sips on it all day long and I usually refill it at least once.
Sleeping: After sleep training Harry didn't have any issues falling asleep. Until about a week ago. He's regressed in this department a little. We haven't changed anything about his bedtime routine so I don't really know what's going on. Hopefully it'll go back to normal soon!
Teeth: Six now, no signs of any more coming through yet. He's got four on top and two on the bottom.

As far as walking goes, both Ant and I are so anxious for him to start! I really thought he would be by now since he took a few steps last month. He has started standing without support a lot more and is taking more steps but he hasn't mastered it yet. Soon though!

This upcoming month we're going to begin weaning Harry off formula and onto milk. I need to make a decision on what kind of milk he's going to get, cow or goat. He doesn't have a dairy intolerance (as far as what he's had so far), but I've heard goat's milk is more nutritious. I think next week we'll start by replacing his midday bottle for a milk sippy cup. Then the following week we'll switch the morning bottle for milk and a "big boy" breakfast. The last to go will be his nighttime bottle, which I will be very sad to let go of.

Sorry this post was so ramble-y!

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