Thursday, October 25, 2012

11 Month Old's Eating Schedule

I thought I'd share Harry's eating schedule today. He's currently 11.5 months old, but this general schedule has been the same for a couple months now. All times are approximate and differ a bit from day to day depending on our schedule.

8:30am: First bottle of the day (recently dropped down to 6oz.)
11am: YoToddler yogurt cup or Earth's Best smoothie and Cheerios
2pm: Second bottle (6oz.)
4:30pm: String cheese, protein (deli meat or scrambled eggs), vegetable and/or fruit (usually tomatoes, carrots, grapes, raisins, bananas or apples), Cheerios or mini Graham crackers
7pm: A little bit of mom and dad's dinner or more fruit/veggies/Cheerios if we're having something he can't eat or doesn't like
8:15pm: Last bottle (recently dropped down to just 2oz.)

As you can see, he's hardly interested in his formula any more, he drinks a measly 14 oz. a day now! Our transition to whole cow's milk is still a little rocky, so I doubt we'll be 100% off formula by his birthday. I've been giving him some as a snack every other day-ish, and he's still spitting a good percentage of it out. I need to get better about giving it to him every day so we can drop a bottle and really start the transition.

His late afternoon meal is obviously the biggest meal of the day. I've gotten pretty comfortable giving him the same stuff lately- a bad thing! So, tomorrow at the grocery store my goal is to pick out two or three new foods for Harry to try this week. Suggestions welcome!

He still is loving his sippy cups full of water, too. He drinks at least one full cup a day, sometimes two.

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