Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I am hoping today is full of treats, considering the little trick Harry played on me last Halloween

As you can see Harry is a cute little pumpkin today. I'd love to give him a little candy treat but I'm not sure what to give him. Chocolate would probably be the easiest for him to eat, but I'm scared that he might have a chocolate allergy like I did as a kid. I would get the most excruciating migraine headaches from eating chocolate and I'd hate to do that to Harry at such a young age. I think we have some fruit snacks so that might be his treat for the day.

Today was supposed to be Harry's first music class but unfortunately that got pushed back a week. We are planning on going to a Halloween-themed event instead, should be fun!

I hate how my planned photo shoots never turn out as well as I imagined them. I am much better at taking more candid shots I think. Hopefully that will change this weekend because I have a big photo shoot planned!

I hope you all have a great Halloween!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Yu Kids Island

We didn't end up going to the Halloween party on Friday night. What I thought was an event for the whole family ended up being geared specifically towards 3-6 year olds, bummer! I'm just glad I found out before we went.

We made up for our lame Friday night by taking Harry to a place we knew he'd enjoy yesterday afternoon: Yu Kids Island! Yu Kids Island is a children's play place located in Schaumburg at Woodfield Mall.

Before heading to Yu Kids Island we ate lunch at A&W.

Grilled chicken sandwiches for me and Ant and a couple pickles for Harry. After our lunch it was time for some fun!

Yu Kids Island has a bunch of different indoor playground equipment. They've got rotating palm trees to swing off of, a bounce house, mini merry-go-rounds, balloon rooms, slides and a whole bunch of other jungle gyms. They even have a baby area filled with blocks and balls.

We played at Yu Kids for quite a while letting Harry explore everything. He loved having such a huge space to crawl around in! He literally speed crawled from one end of the play area to the other. Since it was a Saturday afternoon it was pretty crowded, which made me nervous since some of the kids were playing pretty rough. Next time we'll probably go on a weekday morning, as I imagine it'd be way less crowded then.

Yu Kids Island is designed for kids 48'' and shorter. A lot of the equipment is too advanced for Harry right now, but he was still able to have a lot of fun. I would say any baby who has mastered crawling would enjoy the indoor playground.

Here are a few pictures I took, sorry the quality is so crappy!

They have this neat waterbed type thing that was really fun for Harry. At one point a few older kids came and jumped on it and he just loved sitting on it riding the "waves."

Isn't his shirt funny? We bought it at Target a few weeks ago.

We had a great time and can't wait to go back! Definitely check it out if you're in the area and have little kids.

We tried to get Harry to walk while at Yu Kids Island but he just wasn't interested. Although he is getting really good at home. It's so cute to watch him concentrate so hard as to not fall and then he gets the biggest grin on his face when he reaches his destination.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Walking Baby

I think it's now safe to say we have a walker!! I could not be more proud of my 11.5 month old baby. Yesterday he was walking a ton and was doing up to five steps in a row. He was even doing it on his own, without any coaching from Ant or me.

Crawling is still his favorite way of getting around, and will be for a while I'm sure, but he seemed very proud of his accomplishment.

Woo! I can't wait until he is walking everywhere. So adorable!

Here's a video of Harry taking a few steps.

We've got a full agenda today. Along with our weekly grocery shopping I want to go to Babies R Us to check out their baby carriers. I know, he's walking and almost one, but I hate that I never got into babywearing. I had every intention of doing it while I was pregnant, but I hate the Moby and the Snugli I have is bad for his hips so I rarely use it. BRU has a Mei Tai carrier I want to look at, which is approved for kids up to 36 pounds (Harry is just over 20 pounds).

Tonight I think we're going to go to a Halloween party, so that should be fun. Harry has a really cute, albeit unoriginal, costume I can't wait for him to wear.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

11 Month Old's Eating Schedule

I thought I'd share Harry's eating schedule today. He's currently 11.5 months old, but this general schedule has been the same for a couple months now. All times are approximate and differ a bit from day to day depending on our schedule.

8:30am: First bottle of the day (recently dropped down to 6oz.)
11am: YoToddler yogurt cup or Earth's Best smoothie and Cheerios
2pm: Second bottle (6oz.)
4:30pm: String cheese, protein (deli meat or scrambled eggs), vegetable and/or fruit (usually tomatoes, carrots, grapes, raisins, bananas or apples), Cheerios or mini Graham crackers
7pm: A little bit of mom and dad's dinner or more fruit/veggies/Cheerios if we're having something he can't eat or doesn't like
8:15pm: Last bottle (recently dropped down to just 2oz.)

As you can see, he's hardly interested in his formula any more, he drinks a measly 14 oz. a day now! Our transition to whole cow's milk is still a little rocky, so I doubt we'll be 100% off formula by his birthday. I've been giving him some as a snack every other day-ish, and he's still spitting a good percentage of it out. I need to get better about giving it to him every day so we can drop a bottle and really start the transition.

His late afternoon meal is obviously the biggest meal of the day. I've gotten pretty comfortable giving him the same stuff lately- a bad thing! So, tomorrow at the grocery store my goal is to pick out two or three new foods for Harry to try this week. Suggestions welcome!

He still is loving his sippy cups full of water, too. He drinks at least one full cup a day, sometimes two.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tortilla Stuffers

What a roller coaster this week has been! Harry felt bad most of the day yesterday, but seemed to perk up towards dinner time. Of course now I'm starting to feel sick, ugh, it's a never ending cycle.

Even though he's not 100%, he took three steps in a row last night... a personal best for him! I still wouldn't call him walking but he is getting closer and closer :). Slow and steady is the name of the walking game for Harry, who's been taking steps for a month and a half now, and that's just fine with me. Although unlike crawling, I am so ready for him to start walking!

I thought I'd share a new "recipe" with you guys today. This is something I've made a few times over the last couple months, it's so good and easy! I don't even really know what to call it, but I use the Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers pouches so I'll just stick with that name.

To make these stuffers, you'll need:

-One pouch of Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers (the garlic chili chicken is awesome!)
-8 tortillas
-Shredded cheese
-Cheese sauce (optional)

First, preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Then prepare the Tortilla Stuffers according to the directions on the pouch. Lay out four tortillas on a baking sheet and spread a little cheese sauce on each, this acts as a glue. Top each tortilla with a heaping spoonful of the Tortilla Stuffers mixture and some shredded cheese. Spread a little cheese sauce on the remaining four tortillas and layer on top. Bake for 10 minutes, until tortillas are crispy and cheese is melted.

I usually prepare some black beans to complete with the meal. You really can't get much easier than this for a delicious dinner!

I also have to give a shout out to Kristin from Craftiments who made the awesome social media icons I installed last night. I randomly stumbled across her blog in a search for some new icons and her set is the only one I could find with every icon I wanted. So, thank you!

Monday, October 22, 2012

DailyBuzz Moms 9x9: Halloween Decorating

Hi everyone! Today I have a fun post for you. I was selected to be a part of the DailyBuzz Moms' Halloween decorating challenge! When I heard the news I knew exactly what I was going to do... pull out my Cricut!

I haven't used my Cricut much since Harry was born so this was the perfect opportunity to put my machine to use. I used my Cricut to make a Happy Halloween banner to decorate our dining room window. Our condo is on the first floor and the window faces a busy walking path that leads out to the main street and train station, so I thought it'd be fun to decorate something our neighbors can enjoy.

I wish the window would have turned out a little better. Harry now has a cold and is miserable. His second cold in one month! This one is about 10 times worse than the last. He was mopy, clingy and whiny all day yesterday. And his nose was a non-stop faucet. He was up a few times through the night, too. Anyways, since he's been so sick I didn't have as much time to spend on the window as I would have liked. I wish I would have put a pumpkin or witch's hat in the corner where the hard-to-see skeletons are. But, I definitely didn't want to take Harry out to the store yesterday, so it is what it is.

I cut the banner out at 9.5'' from the Calligraphy Collection cartridge and the letters were cut using the Mini Monograms cartridge at 5.25''. Both oldies but goodies! The cardstock is all Stampin' Up, which perfect for banners and other home decor projects because of it's a heavier weight. I love making banners and I think this one turned out pretty cute!

Behind the banner I added a purple and silver spiderweb and two bat-themed door hangings. I purchased everything, including the little hanging skeletons, at JoAnn Fabrics.

If you live in a condo or apartment, decorating a window is a great and simple way to show your holiday spirit. Just think about the screen, I didn't realize how much darker everything behind it would appear.

If you live in a condo or apartment, how do you decorate for the holidays?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

ProXeed Plus Giveaway Winner

Last night Harry's temperature finally went back to normal, yay! Let's hope it stays that way.

Here is the winner of the ProXeed Plus giveaway.

Congrats, Alex G! I will email you shortly to get your info.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Sweetest Day

Happy Sweetest Day to my fellow Midwesterners! Ant surprised me with a pretty sweet Sweetest Day present earlier this week.

A Google Nexus 7! I've been wanting a tablet for a while now and we ordered a couple cheap off-brand ones through a Facebook co-op earlier this month. Unfortunately the deal fell through so I started researching other tablets. I narrowed it down to the Kindle Fire HD or the Nexus 7. Review after review I read recommended the Nexus 7 over the Kindle Fire HD so I told Ant that's what I wanted. I didn't expect to get it so soon, but he brought it home Tuesday night after going out for ice cream.

So far, so awesome! I love the 7'' screen. The co-op tablets were 10'', and I now that I've used the 7'' I think the bigger tablets would be too cumbersome and heavy for my liking. As someone who has the world's oldest Blackberry still in existence, I've never used any of the cool apps out there. Remember how I vicariously lived through Ant's Instagram account? Now I don't have to! I signed up for the photo sharing app and have had a lot of fun playing around with it's features. One thing I don't like about the Nexus 7 isthe absence of a rear facing camera, so it's technically not Instagram friendly, aside from selfie pictures. But, I'm crafty and I've made it work... kind of.

I've also signed up with Song Pop, DrawSomething, Words with Friends and Scramble with Friends. My screen name for everything (including Instagram) is LinzTAW (or linztaw). So find me and let's play! Not Words with Friends though, I don't like that one much. I always guess stupid three letter words like "cat," "was" or "too." And I've already gotten caught without any vowels a bunch of times. I also suck at Scramble with Friends, but it's a lot of fun.

I ended up staying home with Harry yesterday and Ant went out shopping, so because of that and everything else we've been dealing with, I haven't had a chance to get Ant or Harry a Sweetest Day gift yet. My bad! We're planning on just laying low today since Harry's still got a bit of a fever, hovering around 99 now, but maybe tomorrow or Monday I can take them to Red Lobster or something. Which I realize isn't nearly as cool as a Nexus 7, but considering my annual salary is $0, it's either that or have Ant pay for his own gift :).

Does anyone else celebrate Sweetest Day?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Harry's fever caught us so off guard. Our whole schedule has been thrown for a loop this week! Of course, this week being the week I created a very detailed list of things to accomplish each day. He's still got a bit of a fever but yesterday he was acting like his old self most of the day, so he seems to be on the mend.

The day before Harry fell ill we went to Once Upon a Child. Here's a picture of our goodies.

Holy stripe overload! We picked out three pairs of PJs, two sweaters, four long-sleeved t-shirts, one oxford shirt, a pair of jeans and a new Nuby sippy cup, all for under $50. After shopping we had lunch at Ravioli Oli again, which was just as delish as last time.

Here are a couple pictures from lunch yesterday.

You'd never guess he had a fever of 101 would you?

Today I think I'm going to go grocery shopping alone and let the boys chill at home. As I've mentioned a billion times before we usually go shopping together but with Harry still recovering I'd rather keep him home. We also were thinking of going to the zoo tomorrow but that's probably not the best idea. Boo!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

First Emergency Room Visit

Well, yesterday was definitely an eventful one for the Z family!

Harry woke up around 8am screaming. His morning bottle calmed him down but he just wasn't acting like himself. Usually he's super happy and goofy in the mornings but he took a very early nap and was just sitting around instead of playing. I took his temperature around 10:30 and it was over 100 degrees. My poor baby! I gave him a dose of Tylenol to help bring the fever down but by 1:30 it was around 101 so I called Harry's doctor and the nurse instructed us to come in to get checked out.

Of course by the time we got to the doctor's office he was acting more like himself and his fever was down to 99.something. Harry got tested for strep, which was negative, but the doctor did suspect some type of virus. He instructed me to keep an eye on his temperature and to call them again if his fever got above 102.

When we got home I gave him another dose of Tylenol and he seemed to be getting back to his old self. He ate all of his lunch and was playing with me a little. A little after 7pm we started getting him ready for bed. I made his bottle and got one more dose of Tylenol ready. As I was changing him, Harry threw up. I'll save you the details, but it wasn't normal looking so we put a call into the doctor's office. His temperature was at 101.6 so the on-call doctor told us to head to the emergency room.

We went to a pediatric ER and the staff was awesome. All the nurses and doctors were so friendly and knew a bunch of little tricks to get Harry to do what they needed from him. Although no trick could get Harry to drink a bottle of Pedialyte! His temperature was 102 at the hospital. We didn't learn anything new at the ER but they reassured us it doesn't appear to be anything serious since he was again, acting fine, and he hadn't thrown up too much. Harry received a dose of Motrin at the hospital, which I guess is harsher on little tummies but is a better fever reducer than Tylenol.

We didn't get home until late and Harry went right to sleep, it was a very stressful day for the poor kid!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


**Don't forget to enter the ProXeed Plus giveaway! There aren't many entries yet so your chances of winning this valuable prize are good!!**

Have I mentioned my insomnia on my blog? Maybe when I was pregnant. It was awful back then. The last few weeks of my pregnancy I was able to sleep like a normal person but the last month or so it's been out of control. I'm tired of it! (pun intended) The other "night" I didn't fall asleep until nearly 5am and was up with Harry a mere three hours later. To compensate I've been napping with him in the mornings, but that throws my whole day off and just continues the vicious cycle of not falling asleep until the wee hours of the morning.

Depression, anxiety and caffeine all contribute to my insomnia, but I've dealt with the problem since I was in elementary school. Right now I'm desperately trying to get back on a more normal schedule. I used to drink a caffeinated drink in the evenings, but this week I removed that from my diet. Hasn't helped yet :(. I stress over a lot of stuff at night so I have also created a daily schedule of things we need to do so I can relax a bit more.

Any other tips and tricks are welcome! On a related note, if you know if any organizational apps, please let me know in the comments below :)

Just for fun, here are a few pictures I took of Harry yesterday.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Photo Dump

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It's been a dreary weekend here in Chicago. Yuck! Yesterday I worked on a holiday decorating project I'll be featuring soon on my blog. Today I'd like to go to Once Upon a Child to see if we can find some winter clothes for Harry, but we might wait to do that during the week when the store is less crowded.

Here are a few pictures I took Friday and Saturday.

Here's Harry just being a goofy baby. Don't mind the messy t-shirt. We've started giving him organic whole cow's milk and not all of it made it to his tummy. The first day he tried it he was spitting it out, but yesterday he drank most of it, thankfully. Right now I'm just giving it to him as a snack a couple ounces at a time. Next week I'll start using the milk to replace one of his formula bottles.

A new thing Harry just started doing is sharing his pacifiers. It's really adorable!

One of Harry's new favorite foods are arrowroot cookies. They're kind of messy since they're designed to dissolve quickly, but they're fine for him to have at home in his highchair. I definitely wouldn't recommend them as an on-the-go snack!

Friday, October 12, 2012

ProXeed Plus Giveaway!

Happy Friday, everyone! The last couple days went by so quickly, I can't believe it's the weekend already! Not that I'm complaining, though.

Today I have something I think a lot of my readers will enjoy :).

ProXeed Plus is designed to increase a man's overall sperm health. A perfect dietary supplement for men looking to conceive with their partners in the near future. ProXeed Plus is a fruit flavored powder that can easily be mixed with water or juice.

ProXeed Plus is a mixture of vitamins and minerals including citric acid, vitamin B-12, vitamin C, zinc, folic acid and others. The supplement works to increase sperm count, motility, concentration and speed. When taken twice a day improvement in sperm quality may be detected in as early as three months, with full benefits after six.

The ingredients in ProXeed Plus have been supported by double-blind, placebo-controlled trials. One study indicated that the ingredients resulted in a 20% increase in pregnancy rates versus a placebo. Not too shabby!

While we're not trying to conceive right now and probably won't for quite some time, I had Ant try a glass of ProXeed Plus.

Ant said the ProXeed Plus has a fresh, fruity flavor. He also thought it would have tasted a bit better mixed with a fruit juice, but it wasn't terrible just mixed with the water.

To learn more about ProXeed Plus and to purchase the supplement, CLICK HERE!

The company is also generously giving away one box of ProXeed Plus to a TAW reader! To enter the giveaway, enter below. I'll draw a winner sometime next week.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was given the ProXeed Plus free to review. All opinions are 100% mine or my husband's.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wedding Invitations

I haven't done a crafty post in forever. I just don't have the time to craft like I used to anymore. If I still had my own craft room I could craft after Harry goes to bed at night but since he shares a space with all my craft supplies that ain't happening. I will be doing at least one other crafty post this month though, I promise!

Here is a wedding invitation I did for a friend back in June.

I used my Cricut machine to cut out the banner, letters and hearts. The banner and hearts are from the Calligraphy Collection cartridge and I used the Jasmine cartridge for the letters. I used Bazzill cardstock from Michaels, I can't remember the name of the colors. I love the yellow and purple together!

I also made the couple's save the date cards, which you can see here if you'd like.

Congrats, Shannon and Amy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Baby Proofing

I'm sure there are a billion better ways to baby proof than what we came up with, but I thought I'd share anyways. Not like anyone would, or should take my advice on the subject.

I know it looks ridiculous, but it works! We also put two of our dining room chairs in front of the glass table next to our couch. And don't forget about the folded up Pack n' Play. In the past 24 hours he has mastered getting over it, so that thing is now useless.

The new coffee table is from Ikea. We picked it up for $20 last week after scouring our local Salvation Army first. Harry kept crawling up to our TV stand and I was worried he was going to knock it over. He can bang up this table as much as he wants. It's very durable considering how much it cost, and if he does ruin it I won't feel bad throwing it away after it's done it's job.

Oh, one thing you should take my advice on... securing your TV! If you have a crawler/cruiser/walker and a flat screen TV, please get an anchor kit for it. We purchased this inexpensive kit from Buy Buy Baby. It took Ant about three minutes to install it. I've heard so many stories of babies getting injured, or worse, because of unsecured TVs falling.

Now that I can't really contain him to the living room the rest of the house needs to be baby proofed! Wish us luck on that one :)

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Diapers for Sale!

I am trying to sell a few of our cloth diapers and thought I'd try posting them on my blog first. Here's what I've got for sale.

Three Imagine pocket diapers in marigold, emerald and snow. I love Imagine diapers. I used them overnight for a long time but now that Harry is a dedicated tummy sleeper they leak out the top. So the only reason I'm selling them is because I want to get another diaper we can use for overnight.

I'll be honest, the emerald one leaked the most for us, so keep that in mind.

The insides of the diapers look very good. The snow has a little bit of staining that doesn't show up well on camera.

The diapers come with their original microfiber inserts, which I find very absorbent. They are stain-free except for a little mark on the marigold insert, which I think happened in our building's dryer.

The diapers have been washed in Tide and stripped a couple of times with blue Dawn and RLR. I also treated them with tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract. They are mostly air dried but have been thrown in the dryer a handful of times. Only cloth diaper-safe creams have been used with these diapers, California Baby and CJ's BUTTer.

I'm asking $15 for all three diapers, $12 for two and $7 for one. Shipping included. Paypal only. Please, US residents only (unless you want to pay additional shipping).

If you're interested, please email me at lindseytaw [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

11 Months Old

My baby's first birthday is next month. Un.Be.Lievable. 


Weight: Probably around 20.5 pounds. Maybe a little more, he hasn't been weighed since his doctor's appointment in August.
Height: I'm guessing he's hit the 30 inch mark.
Diaper Size: Lovin' the cloth diapers! We haven't had disposables at our house for a couple weeks now, which in theory, is nice. However, since we only have the half size washing machine I've been having to do laundry much more frequently. He's also been pooping more this past week, which doesn't help the laundry situation. This morning we picked up a box of size 4 Luvs to help get our laundry get back on track. He'll probably wear one or two a day at most.
Clothing Size: We've put a bunch of his nine month stuff away, although he still fits in his 9 month onesies. Most everything else is 12 month. He fits in size 4 shoes.
Eating: Mid-September we dropped a bottle, so he was eating two 8 ounce bottles and one 4 ounce bottle a day. Getting him down to three was a dream come true! Especially since he still doesn't hold his own bottle. Lately he's been showing less interest in his afternoon bottle so we've reduced that to 6 ounces. As far as solid foods, Harry can't get enough! He typically eats a yogurt or smoothie in the morning, some cheese with a protein and fruit or veggie in the afternoon and a little of whatever I make for dinner. After hearing about all the arsenic in rice I decided to go ahead and give him some wheat. We started with Cheerios and he hasn't had any issues. Oh, and he loves his straw sippy cups, which we call his juice, even though he only ever gets water. He sips on it all day long and I usually refill it at least once.
Sleeping: After sleep training Harry didn't have any issues falling asleep. Until about a week ago. He's regressed in this department a little. We haven't changed anything about his bedtime routine so I don't really know what's going on. Hopefully it'll go back to normal soon!
Teeth: Six now, no signs of any more coming through yet. He's got four on top and two on the bottom.

As far as walking goes, both Ant and I are so anxious for him to start! I really thought he would be by now since he took a few steps last month. He has started standing without support a lot more and is taking more steps but he hasn't mastered it yet. Soon though!

This upcoming month we're going to begin weaning Harry off formula and onto milk. I need to make a decision on what kind of milk he's going to get, cow or goat. He doesn't have a dairy intolerance (as far as what he's had so far), but I've heard goat's milk is more nutritious. I think next week we'll start by replacing his midday bottle for a milk sippy cup. Then the following week we'll switch the morning bottle for milk and a "big boy" breakfast. The last to go will be his nighttime bottle, which I will be very sad to let go of.

Sorry this post was so ramble-y!

Goebbert's Farm

Friday the boys and I spent the afternoon at Goebbert's Farm in South Barrington.

goebbert's farm

goebbert's pumpkins

About five minutes in to our drive to the farm it started raining, just our luck, right? Fortunately the rain stopped by the time we got to the farm and held off until after we left.

We walked around the farm for a bit before stopping in their little cafe. We had already eaten lunch so we decided to share a pumpkin cookie.

After we finished the cookie we went back out to the pumpkin patch and selected a few gourds along with a small pumpkin for Harry and a big pumpkin for Ant and me.

I don't think we'll get around to carving them this year but we'll probably paint them. On our way to pay we made a stop inside the little store and picked up a loaf of apple pie bread and a half gallon of apple cider.

Doesn't the bread look amazing? After dinner Friday night we decided to enjoy some for dessert. Well, turns out we picked a loaf that was packaged with two flies in it. Gross! Needless to say we didn't end up eating it and it was a waste of $9. Bummer.

We had a lovely afternoon at the farm. I just wish it had been a bit warmer out! On our way home we drove by the weirdest store sign I've ever seen.

backwards cleaners sign

What is that?!?!? We've driven past this cleaners a few times and I've always wanted to take a picture of their backwards sign. The store is located on Irving Park Road at Route 59 if you're interested in seeing it for yourself.

The pumpkin patch take's a lot out of a person, I tell ya! Here's what I did with the little gourds we purchased.

Harry's 11 month update should be up later today. Apparently I'm in denial about my baby getting older and I thought yesterday was the 5th.
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