Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yeast and Cloth Diapers

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Harry had what we suspected was a yeast infection. We treated his rash with Lotrimin AF and his rash cleared up within a few days. The rash returned when we started using our cloth diapers again. Something I should have foreseen, but I was in denial about having to disinfect the diapers just weeks after stripping them.

Disinfecting diapers is different from stripping them, but it takes about the same amount of time. To disinfect my diapers I used grapefruit seed extract and tea tree oil.

I've heard you can use just one or the other, but I decided to try both. I stared with clean diapers and then did a full wash with about 25 drops of tea tree oil (remember, I have a half-size washer, so you'll probably want to use 50 in a regular machine).  Then I did another full wash with 50 drops of the grapefruit seed extract. After the washes I did two extra rinses and finally threw everything in the dryer. I washed/rinsed everything in hot water.

Today will be our first day back in cloth after being in disposables 24/7 for the past 3 days while I disinfected all our diapers. I feel like he's been in Huggies more this month than cloth this month which I'm none too happy about, but it's important we get this yeast thing under control. Cross your fingers it works for us!

Just for fun, here's an adorable picture of Harry I snapped yesterday while he was enjoying some freeze-dried bananas.

Yesterday I renamed the Beyond TAW page to As Seen On... Yesterday I was featured on the Daily Buzz Moms' Top 9 which was so exciting!

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  1. GSE and TTO are serious life savers. I try and use TTO for every other wash on our diapers to disinfect out the nasties.

    Love Letter 7.10: The story of an earth minded family and their journey to a simpler life.


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