Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Don't Think it was Yeast...

Love this picture!

That darn rash looked like yeast, so I disinfected Harry's cloth diapers and treated him with Lotrimin AF. As soon as we switched back to the cloth diapers the rash returned. I was stumped. I made an appointment with Dr. Google and concluded it must simply be chafing. It made sense because the rash started not long after he started crawling. Fortunately there is a simple and inexpensive solution to diaper chafing.

Plain old Johnson's baby powder. In just a few days of using it his rash has almost disappeared. Yay! I was pretty anti-baby powder since the powder can cause respiratory problems if inhaled. Because of the risks I've been very careful using it around Harry. Shaking the powder out creates less dust than squeezing the bottle. Right now I'm using a little at every diaper change to make sure the rash stays away but will switch to just once or twice a day soon. I'm telling you guys, this stuff has been a lifesaver!

Switching gears... I mentioned in my finger foods post last week that I was having trouble finding meats to give Harry. I'm happy to say this week he's been eating a lot of protein!

We picked up some low sodium turkey slices from the deli last week. Someone loves it! Last night I made a turkey burger for Harry as well. It was a little thick for him so he only ate a quarter of the patty.

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