Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gangnam Style Baby

Harry loves to dance. His favorite song is Gangnam Style by South Korean rapper, Psy. Here he is yesterday shakin' his tail feather to the catchy tune.

(Please don't mind the mess!)

Last night we used the Japan 77 Groupon we had intended on using last week. They added a few new menu items and I ordered a grilled portabella mushroom with teriyaki chicken. It was amazing! I gave Harry my shrimp to try. It was his first time eating seafood and he seemed to enjoy it. The service was a little lackluster last night, but they were busy and didn't seem to have many waitresses on staff.

Not sure what is on the agenda for today. We talked about going to another town festival if it's nice out but i also have a writing project I need to work on. Maybe I'll kick the boys out for the afternoon so I can get some work done :).

From the Interwebz:
-Guarantee Your Next Baby is a Girl! (I personally think the idea of gender selection is sick, but it's an interesting read.)
-Try Making it Through This Article Without Squealing (You can't.)

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