Monday, September 24, 2012

Emmy Fashion Roundup

I won our Emmy ballot last night! Harry and Ant tied for second place. Here are my past fashion roundups.

Golden Globes
Screen Actors Guild Awards


Lena Headey


Lena Headey - 2012 Emmys
PERFECT WOMAN! She’s like a dark goddess.

We both kinda lost our shit when we saw how fucking good Lena Headey looks. 

I have no idea who Lena Headey is, but holy smokes did she look amazing. Her look was my favorite of the evening.  She looks like a Gothic princess. I love how there is so much fabric yet the dress doesn't seem heavy or bulky. Simply stunning!

Julianne Moore


Julianne often ends up on worst dressed lists in my opinion, but she knocked it out of the park last night. I am in love with her dress. The color, the fit, everything is just perfect!

Leslie Mann


Leslie Mann looked so fun and happy last night! In doing some research for this post I noticed her look has already ended up on a few worst dressed lists, but I must disagree. I love the whole look, including the turquoise jewelry, I think it really stands out against the marigold color of the skirt.


Jenna Malone

jena malone emmy awards 03

As soon as I saw Jena walk down the red carpet I knew I didn't like her dress, but I couldn't figure out why. It took me a few minutes, but then I realized that her dress would look amazing on someone nine months pregnant. The lack of any sort of defined waistline is really off putting. Not a good look for someone who is clearly not gestating life. Andplusalso, no one should wear shoes with that thick of a strap.

 Claire Danes


Speaking of pregnancy... Claire Danes' maternity frock was one of the most unflattering maternity looks I've ever seen. It looked like a potato sack. Just because you're preggers doesn't mean you can't wear something form fitting. I actually love dresses that hug baby bumps!

Elisabeth Moss

Elizabeth Moss September 23

Can can, can you do the can can, Elisabeth? This picture actually makes the dress look somewhat flattering on her, but obviously, the pattern is hideous.

What were your hits and misses from the Emmys last night?


  1. Lena Headey is on Game of Thrones :) I thought her look was unexpected but cool.

    I didn't like Julianne Moore's dress on her, but I like the dress.

    I liked Leslie Mann's dress. It was cute and fun.

    I think my favorite look of the night was Emily VanCamp's.

    I actually kind of liked Jena Malone's dress, but I totally agree on Claire Danes (though I liked the color) and Elisbeth Moss (I think it would have been better if she still had brown hair).

    1. Emily VanCamp did look great last night! She will always be Amy Abbott to me (from Everwood)!


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