Thursday, September 27, 2012

Box of Clothes

Yesterday I went through Harry's clothes and added the too-small items to the Rubbermaid container we bought a while back.

Looks like we'll have to buy another container before too long. It's crazy how many clothes babies go through the first year. Thankfully Harry isn't growing as fast these days so clothes are starting to last a little longer. Look what I found going through all the clothes:

A teensy tiny newborn size diaper! I wish I had saved one of the preemie sized diapers Harry wore during his first few weeks, now those were small! And like the most adorable things ever.

Here's Harry right before his bath last night.

He was stuffed up until around dinnertime last night. He also had a slight fever all day. I gave him a dose of Tylenol to keep it down. Hopefully it was just a quick 24 hour bug, or teething, although I haven't noticed any new ones starting to come in.

Is this week going slow for anyone else? It seriously feels like it should be Friday already!

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  1. I love going through old baby clothes! I've been sorting through my daughter's stash for baby #2, and it's so hard to believe (or remember) that they were so little!


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