Friday, August 10, 2012

Thursday Shopping

Can you guys believe it's Friday already!?!? This week went by so fast!

We were on the move yesterday! We had wanted to go to Fluff Envy earlier in the week, but the store only has evening hours on Wednesdays, so we visited the diaper store yesterday instead. With Harry not sleeping through the night as much now we wanted to get another nighttime diaper for him. After looking around the store we decided on a Twilight colored Bum Genius 4.0. I was tempted to get the Robotronic Rump-a-rooz diaper, but went with a brand I know works for us. I also picked up some RLR (used for stripping diapers) and samples of two different detergents, Charlie's Soap and Tiny Bubbles. I also picked up a couple little things for a giveaway I'm hosting for Cloth Diaper Month (watch for it to pop up on TAW in a couple weeks).

A stop at Ulta was next on the list.

They were out of my beloved eyeliner so I picked up a gel eyeliner instead. Hopefully I'll like it just as much as the regular automatic one I've been using forever. Ant, who begrudgingly agreed to go to Ulta, was able to pick up his favorite hair wax. And the little clutch I got came free with my purchase and was packed with goodies.

I got a free mascara, blush, two eyeshadows, moisturizer, nail polish, lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner and brushes. Fun! The last stop of the day was to Home Goods to find a new picture frame for Harry's room.

Cute, right? And only $7! Last night I painted the mat lime green to match his decor.

Yesterday afternoon was nice and cool and perfect for taking a walk. Except the sky looked so gloomy I didn't want to be caught outside in the pouring rain so I took some photos of Harry and a "new toy" instead.

Don't mind the mess :)

Have you guys ever tried the Special K protein shakes? I love the strawberry flavored ones! I drink one for breakfast most mornings.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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