Saturday, August 4, 2012

Taste of Roselle

Last night Harry, Ant and I went to the Taste of Roselle for dinner. We went last year and have been looking forward to taking Harry all summer!

We go to to the Taste a little after six, along with the rest of Roselle it seemed, the festival got crowded fast!

I was really hoping La Hacienda would have a booth. We ate at our local Mexican restaurant earlier this summer and I loved it! Unfortunately they weren't participating, but I still ended up getting some Mexican food. Ant opted for a barbecue turkey sandwich from Hickory River, a restaurant in Glendale Heights he's been wanting to try for a while.

I shared a little of my lettuce with Harry.

After we finished our dinner we walked around the craft fair for a bit.

Those bubbles turned in to smoke!
We also took a quick peek at the carnival, but the rides were pretty lame so we decided to skip it and walked over to the bingo tent instead. We played four games and I came so close to winning twice, but no such luck.

Harry is now learning to drink like a big boy!

Before heading home we stopped for some Dippin' Dots.

Yes, we let Harry have some Dippin' Dots! It was his first taste of ice cream. He had been so great all evening so I thought he deserved a little treat. He maybe had six of the little balls.

We got home around eight and Harry didn't end up falling asleep until nearly ten o'clock! Very out of character for him, he's always asleep by eight.

Depending on how the day unfolds we might head back for dinner tonight, there are a few other vendors I'd like to try.

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