Sunday, August 19, 2012

One Size Vs. Sized Diapers

Cloth diapers come in two size options, one size or sized. One size diapers claim they'll fit from birth to potty training, while sized diapers have to replaced with larger ones as baby grows.

Here are a couple of sized diapers.

That's a Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 in size large (22-35 pounds) on the left and a FuzziBunz Perfect Size in size medium (15-30 pounds). Harry has fit in the FuzziBunz since we started cloth diapering him right before he turned six months. He still doesn't fit in the Swaddlebees, which is weird since these two diapers look like they're the exact same size! I tried putting him in the Simplex 2.0 a few weeks ago and he leaked right through it.

I think one size diapers are more popular these days, but a lot of parents prefer the sized versions. They are a lot trimmer than one size diapers, which I think is the main draw. I could also see how these would be nice if you have two children in diapers. The one size diapers could get a little confusing when trying to figure out which diaper is for which child.

Here are some one size diapers.

From left to right there's a FuzziBunz, Blueberry and BumGenius one size diaper. I prefer one size diapers because of the cost savings with just buying one set of diapers. Although keep in mind most one size diapers will not fit until your baby is 10-12 pounds, despite what the companies say. You can purchase a separate stash of newborn diapers (prefolds are a popular choice for this phase) or use disposables until they fit.

There are two different ways one size diapers can be adjusted. The most common way is with a snap up rise.

With snaps you have a small, medium and large diaper all in one. Just snap the rise to fit your baby and the diaper is ready to wear.

Here's what the three settings look like on a Tweedle Bugs diaper. 

FuzziBunz are a little different. The elastics are adjustable on the inside of the diaper. I'm pretty sure Charlie Banana diapers are similar, but I've never tried those.

They're kind of a pain in the ass to adjust, but I've only had to do it once so far in the nearly four months we've been cloth diapering. You can get a really precise fit with this type of diaper.

One size diapers can be very bulky on the smaller settings, which I know turns off some parents form cloth diapering all together. Don't let it bother you! I read a blog a while back that claimed the bulkiness of cloth diapers hindered her baby's development. Oh puh-lease! I've actually seen a few other moms on message boards asking about this as well so I wanted to put that rumor to rest. Remember: disposable diapers have only been around for about 50 years. Babies have been hitting their developmental milestones for a lot longer than that :). If you are looking for some trimmer one size options, check out FuzziBunz, GroVia AIOs and Tots Bots Easy Fits.

Like I said, I prefer the one size diapers just because they'll last longer. But I'm glad we've tried a few different sized diapers, too.

Do you prefer one size or sized diapers?

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  1. We bought all one size diapers for the cost savings, and we also went with the flip diaper system because of the reviews for "trimness"... I threw my eggs all one basket and hope it works for us! I read so many reviews though that I think the diaper will fit with our LO good because it sounds like small skinny babies are the ones that don't do well with flip, and I have chunky babies with lots of rolls, so I think we are good to go :)~

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