Thursday, August 2, 2012

Midweek Target Run

First things first, HARRY IS CRAWLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He started doing it on Tuesday and I am so happy I was able to get his first time on video. He's not doing it on all fours yet, but army crawling is still crawling in my book. I really thought he was going to skip crawling all together, but obviously that's not the case. It just took him a little longer than average to figure it out, which is fine by me. Now let the baby proofing begin!

Target Haul

We don't typically go to Target during the week, but I wanted to get Harry a pair of sandals for today. We've got some fun plans in the works! We also picked up a Fisher Price remote control, a case of mason jars and some freeze dried fruits and veggies.

I've wanted to replace our drinking glasses with mason jars for a while and the canning supplies are 10% off at Target right now so I couldn't pass them up. Less than $10 for 12 of them!

The freeze dried fruits and veggies are for Harry. A friend told me she's been giving them to her son and I thought Harry would enjoy them as well. When we got home he tried the peas.

Don't even ask about the shirt, it was all Dad's idea :)

Harry loved 'em, but that comes as no surprise. He's loved just about everything he's tried so far. Ohhhhh, and I don't think I ever mentioned it, but Harry had 2 top teeth now! They both popped through about a week ago.

Alright, enough blabbering, Harry and I have a train to catch!


  1. Your little guy is getting so big! Looks like a great night at Target :)

  2. Congrats to him for crawling!!! So exciting!

    I also took advantage of the cheap mason jars at Target. I blame Pinterest.


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