Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cloth Diapering Overnight- Updated

Here's my original post about overnight cloth diapering.

We've been cloth diapering Harry overnight for nearly three months. Not counting the first few nights when I was figuring out what worked for him, we've had one leak. ONE. The leak happened this past weekend and was because Harry was sleeping on his tummy, which he doesn't do very often. Had we been using disposables we would have had about 30 leaks in that time period, no joke.

So, here's what we're currently doing for overnights.

We're still using the same diapers from the beginning, rotating one Bum Genius and two Imagines, but the inserts have changed a bit. For the Bum Genius I simply use the two inserts that came with the diaper. Imagines only come with one insert, so I add a LolliDoo organic cotton terry insert to increase the absorbancy. Both diapers work great for overnights and I don't really have a preference on which I like more. Any overnight diaper is going to be soaked and heavy after 10+ hours of wear, but both of these hold in the moisture perfectly.

As I mentioned in Harry's nine month update, he hasn't been sleeping through the night the past few weeks. I usually feed him a small bottle so I've been changing him during the night, too. Because we're going through overnight diapers at double speed now the three we have aren't cutting it. I've had to use some of our Blueberry diapers overnight now. They work great overnight, but I love them so  much during the day, too!

We're actually headed out to Fluff Envy today to pick up a few things, including at least one more diaper for overnight. We'll probably get a Bum Genius or another Blueberry, or maybe something new! If Harry was more consistently sleeping on his tummy I'd love to try fitteds and a wool cover, but I don't want to drop that kind of cash on something we don't really need.

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  1. If you can sew, knit, or crochet, making a wool cover is actually pretty easy. You can get your own wool or even upcycle an old wool sweater. We are not consistent with it because our son can pretty much wear anything overnight at this point, but most of the time we use a prefold diaper with an extra insert (usually bamboo) and a wool cover (I made while I was pregnant). It truly is a great overnight combo.


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