Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bigger Baby Jail

Yesterday flew by! I felt like I was busy almost all day. It's nice having days like that once in a while, since being a stay at home mom I spend most of my days just hanging out with Harry.

Have any of you heard of the store Five Below? One opened up next door to the Container Store last year and I thought it was like an REI or Bass Pro- some type of outdoorsy store filled with ski gear and North Face jackets. Uhhhh, no. It's like Deals or Dollar Tree, aka, everything in the store is $5 or below. Harharhar, get it? We browsed the store a bit and I picked out a gel manicure kit that I'm excited to try. For $5 I'm not expecting much, but you never know.

After putzing around Five Below we walked next door to the Container Store where we picked up a couple containers, imagine that! I mentioned yesterday that we've been doing some reorganizing and baby proofing around the house and will be doing a post on the changes soon.

Right before we left the house yesterday a friend in my mommy group clued me in to a great sale going on at Babies R Us right now, so I was able to print off the coupons and take advantage of the savings. We were able to get a tub of formula for just $14, nearly $10 off the regular price. Score! We also purchased some Earth's Best yogurt smoothies and a new baby jail, errrr.... a North States Superyard. 

Harry is quickly outgrowing his Pack n' Play so a new safe place for him to play is necessary. I think he'll like this a lot better because he has so much more room to walk around and mom and dad can come in and play, too!

After our successful Babies R Us trip we stopped at Moe's for lunch. I had no idea there was a Moe's in Schaumburg!

We used to go to Moe's a lot but since moving to Roselle I didn't think there was one close to us. Whoops.

After a busy morning of shopping, we headed home.

I sit in back with Harry not because I baby him, but because with his big car seat there's more room in the back.

I'd much rather sit in the front but don't think that means we plan on turning his car seat around any time soon. We are definitely an extended rear facing family! As you can see I haven't gotten my hair fixed yet. I've figured out how to style it now so that it's not so obviously lopsided so I think I'm going to let it grow out a bit before I get to the salon again.

When we got home Harry took a nap in the Pack n' Play while I put together the new play yard.

I think someone likes it!

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  1. A baby gate is sooo necessary. I loved ours, I only wish it still confined her lol!

    He is too cute. :)


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