Friday, August 3, 2012

Beach Day!

Bright and early yesterday morning Harry and I walked over to the Metra station and boarded the 8:12am train to Chicago. Ant was downtown already so he met us at the train station and we first walked over to Ant's office so he could show off Harry to some of his coworkers (again).

After a quick trip to the office we headed over to the Chicago Water Taxi. I've always wanted to go on it and yesterday was the perfect opportunity.

After the boat ride we walked over to the Ohio Street beach to meet up with some friends. It was Harry's first time at the beach and I was so excited to see how he'd react to it. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to love it. It was very hot out so I think the heat was mostly to blame. He was just fussy and uninterested in the other babies that were there.

Part of our group!

The only smile of the day!

All in all it was a nice time, despite Harry not enjoying himself.

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