Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bad Haircut

**Harry started to crawl on all fours yesterday!! He only did the army crawl thing for four days. Just wanted to document it on the blog. Now back to the topic at hand....**

If you've seen my last two blog posts you may have noticed I recently got a pretty dramatic haircut. Here's a before and after.

First off, I asked for a TRIM. I wanted a couple inches cut off and clearly, I got much more than I asked for. And there is now like six inches between the top and bottom layer. Ugh. I hate it. Hate hate hate it. Oh, and here is a comparison of how each side of my head looks.

I can't believe I am posting this. How someone who graduated from cosmotology school can make a haircut look so uneven is beyond me. In case you forgot, I asked for a freaking TRIM. I could live with the cut if it looked like the right side all the way around, but the left side is just so terrible.

And this was not one of those $10 haircuts. With tip I spent $40! I probably would have gotten better results had I just gone to one of the $10 places. So now I'm going to be out over $100 because it needs to be fixed. And there's no way I'm going back to the same salon. I think I'll probably go to Rockstar Salon, which is where I was going a few years ago. But, in efforts to save a little money, I've been trying out different salons. Obviously a h.u.g.e. mistake.

Unfortunately this is not my first bad haircut. I got this beauty during my freshman year of college.

I hated those short little pieces next to my chin. I never ended up getting it fixed because it was already way too short. Here's another doozy, this one from my junior year of college.

It's hard to see in the picture, but this is the best I have since I got this one fixed just a few days after the initial cut. You  can just barely see how awkward the layers looked at the bottom. And when I got it fixed the stylist laughed at the terrible cut said my layers were cut backwards! Whoops.

I know to fix my current debacle I'll have to chop off another couple inches, which I am not looking forward to. I really don't like myself with short hair, but anything is better than what I have now!


  1. The sad thing is the state board only cared about protecting the client- it doesn't really matter how even the person cuts the hair during the test- they don't even have to finish the haircut and they pass. I'm sorry this happened to you. Think on the bright side- shorter hair takes less time to style!

  2. I have like the same cut, sooo mad. It's like how do you mess up this bad and what were you going for, so frustrating.

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