Wednesday, August 15, 2012

9 Month Update

Today we had Harry's nine month well baby update.

He currently weighs in at 19 pounds 11 ounces and is 29.5 inches tall. He's still in the 50th percentile for weight and 90th for height. His head is now in the 75th percentile. Big boy! He also received a tuberculosis shot which we have to check on Saturday and call if there's any reaction at the injection site. Harry took the shot really well and didn't cry at all!

Our pediatrician was very happy with how Harry is developing and said that there's nothing to be concerned about right now. Our next appointment isn't until after Harry's birthday. Ahhh, is that coming up already?!?! I asked about transitioning from formula to cow's milk and he suggested starting a couple weeks before his birthday and we can use either whole or 2% milk. Whole milk skeeves me out so I'd rather give him 2% but I know the fat in whole milk is important for healthy brain development so we'll probably use that. We also got some tips on getting him to sleep through the night again.

There was another Harry signed in at the office today, too! I have no idea how old the other Harry is, but I got excited that there is at least one other kid named Harry in our area.

Oh, and look at what Harry can do now.

He gets up all by himself on the window. Impressive, right? He is also an expert at pulling up on the couch and is standing without holding on to anything for a few seconds at a time. We are going to have a full on walker in no time!

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  1. While we pretty much stick to calling my son "Corban" or "Corban Payne," a lot of people insist on calling him "Harry" because his first name is "Harold." I thought it would make me mad to hear people "butcher" his name, but as it turns out I love it! If you are going to have a nickname it's a good one!


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