Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday Funday

We had a ton of fun at our house yesterday! Well, according to a certain eight month old, anyways.

The day started out with trying out his new V-Tech 2-in-1 Discovery Table. The recommended age is one year but Harry is so steady on his feet we thought he'd really enjoy it now. Kiddo loved it!

I was quite surprised at how much he was able to enjoy the table. I kind of just thought he'd bang on it but he was using the toys like how they're supposed to be played with! What a smartypants!

Pretty much anything can become a toy for Harry, and his resourcefulness was in full force yesterday.

Goofball :).

And while I was cooking dinner last night I kept Harry occupied in his highchair by letting him try a new food... red bell pepper!

He didn't like it much, so we switched to some puffs.

That's more like it! He just loves those things.

And now it's Monday again. We have a few things on the agenda this week, but nothing overly exciting. One of the main things I need to get done is get my hair cut. Before getting pregnant I used to have quite a bit of natural volume to my hair. Not the case anymore, and the length is just weighing it down so much that an entire can of mousse couldn't help.

Oh, and I just realized today is the 9th. I have a library book due tomorrow and I've only read a few pages. Craaaaap. It's on loan from another library so hopefully I'll be able to renew it. 


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