Saturday, July 14, 2012


In just a few days Harry has gotten so great at walking along the furniture. However, yesterday he couldn't decide which way he wanted to go along the coffee table. So, one leg went left, and one leg went right. You can imagine how that ended up for him...

Haha! It was so funny. He's also really close to pulling himself up from lying down. Our sleep sack days are numbered! And look what we bought yesterday at Target.

Huggies Hawaiian print diapers! Yes, we cloth diaper but we like to keep disposables on hand. The Hawaiian diapers are on clearance at Target right now and are so adorable. I wasn't a big fan of the jean diapers from last year but these ones are pretty cute.

Around dinner time last night it was pouring so we decided not to go to the festival. Instead we got takeout from the Bulldog Ale House, a relativity new restaurant just down the street. We've ordered from them a couple times and their food is great if you're in the area.

We also rented American Reunion last night. Meh. I was expecting it to be better, but there were some funny parts. Some of the acting was cringe-worthy which made it hard to watch...cough...tarareid...cough.

Harry and I are on our own all dad today since Ant is hanging out with his biffles today. I think we're going to go to JoAnn's so I can get some micro fleece to make stay-dry liners for our cloth diapers.

Have a good one, guys!


  1. we watched american reunion last night too and I sooooo agree with you


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