Friday, July 20, 2012

Sensational Bites

Wednesday I met up with a few girlfriends at the Fox and Hound. It was the first night out I've had since having Harry! Ant's had quite a few (and is going out again tomorrow night), so I was due for a baby-free evening. It was really fun, and we actually had some great conversations that didn't all revolve around our babies :). 

Yesterday Ant came home with some cupcakes from Sensational Bites, a dessert cafe in Chicago. 

They weren't anything out of this world but good, solid cupcakes. And isn't the funfetti one just adorable?

Oh, and I totally lied in my last post. I said that Harry hadn't eaten any solid foods apart from puffs without a mesh feeder. Not true. He's tried watermelon, apples and cauliflower. Which he promptly threw up all over my foot. Just wanted to clear that up. He ate a ton of the most amazing organic watermelon with me yesterday. I also cut up some organic green grapes for him. He loved them but wouldn't pick them up himself so I had to feed them to him. And here he is earlier this week at Whole Foods.

He just looks so grown up!

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Weird question since I technically don't need to know this anytime soon, haha, but once your baby is ready to eat solid food, you can essentially try anything? There are no issues with potential food allergies and such?

    1. Certain foods are considered high allergy and should be avoided until later. Egg whites and citrus for example. We're going to try egg yolks this week! Also, honey is very dangerous for babies so that needs to be avoided until at least 1 year.

    2. Oh, and I am trying to keep him away from gluten until 1 year. Celiac's runs in my husband's family so it can't hurt to stay away from it. I think I read somewhere that staying away from gluten for the first year can decrease the chance of him getting the disease.


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