Monday, July 2, 2012

If a Tree Falls in the Forest...

If you're in Chicago, you were probably witness to the crazy storms yesterday. They were short, but powerful. Just look what happened right outside our building!

Crazy! If the tree was just a few feet closer to the building it would have fallen right on top of it.

That "little" branch to the left of the tree actually hit our window, but thankfully no damage was done.

Stephens College ladies might remember the tree that uprooted in the quad during my sophomore year (2005). That was a sight to wake up to that morning! I don't think it was storming the night before or anything, it was just an old, dead tree. 

While that was the most exciting thing that happened this weekend, here are a few other highlights lowlights.

  • Friday and Sunday night we watched the Olympic trials. I'm really rooting for Gabby Douglas in gymnastics, she is just so adorable!
  • We got some Papa John's for dinner, 50% off!
  • We lowered Harry's crib again... and somehow I feel it's even easier for him to stand up in!
  • I gave Harry some cauliflower on Saturday night, which he seemed to love. He ate just a few little florets and then proceded to projectile vomit allllll over himself, the carpet and my foot. 
  • Even though I didn't get to see Magic Mike this weekend, I still got my Channing Tatum fix. We rented 21 Jump Street, which was a fun movie, but there was one serious flaw. NO SHIRTLESS CHANNING TATUM! 
  • I made some more zucchini puree for Harry.
  • Fireworks woke Harry up on Saturday night.
  • I stripped Harry's nighttime diapers. They've been really smelly in the mornings :(. 
  • The Kardashians and I spent way too much time together on Sunday. Damn you E! and your endless loop of K-Dash marathons! I get sucked in every time. 
  • When Harry got hungry yesterday I thought I'd make him some rice. I then proceeded to spill the box and a quarter of it's contents all over the kitchen floor.
  • Dinner was a disaster last night. I burned the garlic bread to a crisp, the roasted broccoli burned (yet somehow wasn't soft enough) and I poured boiling hot water on my hand. Ugh! 
Gahhhhh, this weekend was really dumb. 


  1. You have such a cute blog! So glad I found you. As for that unfortunate projectile vomit situation, I've been there and feel your pain.

    And Papa Johns is alright with me any day of the week! :)

    1. Thank you for visiting!! And I'm with you on the PJ's, I could eat it every day!!

  2. Aw, sounds like a not too good weekend. I stink at cooking too. I always either injure myself or ruin the food.

    We got hit with the storms here in Maryland too but luckily no damage but losing electricity for 2 days... Here's to this week being a better week!!

    1. I'm usually a pretty decent cook, it just wasn't happening for some reason! I heard how bad the storms were by you guys, glad there is no damage!!!


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