Thursday, July 26, 2012

Balanced Exposure Photography Class

Last night I had the pleasure of taking a DSLR class through Balanced Exposure, a company in Schaumburg, Illinois.

I really enjoyed the class! I knew a little about ISO, aperture and shutter speed, but not much. Before I would just fiddle around with the settings until it looked right without really knowing what they meant. The instructor, Russ, gave us some really helpful tips on how to get the most out of our DSLRs. The most helpful part of the class for me was learning about the aperture and shutter priority modes. We also learned about a little contraption called the Pop Up Flip-It!, which is similar to my beloved Lightscoop. Russ said the Flip-It! was better than the Lightscoop though because you can direct the angle of the flash bounce. I've been very happy with my Lightscoop so I don't think I'll be investing in one, but if you're in the market for an inexpensive alternative to an external flash, you've got a little more research to do now!

Ant found out about Balanced Exposure through a Groupon deal and signed me up. The four hour Photo Essentials class was just $50! If you're interested in taking the class, give Russ a call and tell him you know a student who took his class and he'll honor the $50 price! He offers a few other classes and I think I might sign up for the Advanced DSLR class.

I apologize if this post is even less coherent than usual, Harry was up most of the night. He's teething again so I think that was most of it. It was awful. However, he was happy for a few minutes and I managed to put my new knowledge to use around midnight.

I love how all these turned out! They are all SOOC (straight out of camera), no editing at all. I had my Lightscoop on my camera and used a 1/80 shutter speed, 5.6 aperture and 800 ISO. The white balance was set on the "daylight" mode, even though they were taken inside at midnight :).

Hope you have a better day than we've had so far :).


  1. I took the same class last Summer and thought Russ was great too. My photography really improved with all of his tips.

    1. That's awesome! Have you taken the advanced class? I am really considering doing that one too.

  2. this class looks nice, and the photos are beautiful!if you have any questions about exposure, you can read my article about it here!enjoy guys and girls!


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