Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another Diaper

Soooo, remember how I said our cloth diaper stash was complete? Hahahaha. Silly me, cloth diaper stashes are never complete!

We recently added one more Blueberry diaper to our stash. I just love them! And the owl print is one I've been wanting for a while, I think it's the cutest.

We also purchased a case of Happy Baby strawberry puffs.

That's a lot of puffs! He goes through about a can a week so he should be set for a month and a half.

And because I haven't shared enough pictures of Harry eating already, here's one of him trying a mango in a mesh feeder.

Yum! I pureed the rest of the mango and he ate a bit of that too. If your interested in making some for your baby, I didn't steam the fruit or anything, I just cut it up and pureed it. Worked very well!

Did you all watch the Opening Ceremony last night? It was amazeballs! We were thoroughly impressed with the theatrics of the whole thing and it seemed like everything went off without a hitch, which is very impressive considering the logistics of the whole operation. I think my favorite part of the evening was the fireworks, it looked like the entire city of London was lit up!


  1. What age did you start giving Harry the puffs? I have atlast, found some in New Zealand but they are the Plum organic baby ones. They are $12.99 NZ so about $6.50 US lol so kind of expensive.

    1. I think we started giving him the puffs right around 6 months. It took him a bit to get comfortable with them but he's a champ at eating them now! Our first can lasted about a month. We have the Plum Organic ones here too but we've not had them yet. That does sound expensive, the puffs are less than $4 a can here!


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