Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Photo Dump

Just a few photos from this past weekend I thought you might enjoy.

Saturday afternoon was the first time Harry slept on his side. He was sitting on the couch with me, toppled over and promptly fell asleep. 

Ant wanted me to take a picture of him feeding Harry some yogurt, so here ya go. 

Ant took this one on Sunday. He thought Harry looked cute while he was napping on the couch.

Harry now wears 6-9 month sleepers! This is the first one he wore, a cute monkey one by Carter's. He looks adorably goofy in this picture, and you can see just how big his tooth is getting! He's got another one on the way, we can see it just below the surface of his gums.


  1. I absolutely love that first picture of him in his bat shirt. :)

    1. Thank you! He actually slept like that for about 45 minutes!

  2. OH my gosh! He gets more and more adorable by the day! What kind of yogurt do you give him?

    1. Thank you! We give him YoBaby yogurt, he likes all the flavors.


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