Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Those Days are Gone

Yesterday Harry was loving his Mum Mums. He ate two of the rice rusks at dinnertime.

So much cuteness! Harry also tried a spice for the first time yesterday. I added a teensy tiny amount of cinnamon to his apples and pears. He didn't get overly excited about it, but ate it all. I think introducing babies to lots of different flavors early on is really important and is the key to not having a picky eater.

I was an extremely picky eater growing up and I don't know what types of foods I was offered as an infant, so my theory could fall on deaf ears, but it can't hurt to try.

Oh and I almost forgot....


Well, one tooth, really. He's got one bottom tooth that is just starting to poke out of his gums. I tried to take a picture of it but Harry would just stick his tongue out and cover his gums every time I tried. He is growing up so fast!

My New Toy
You might remember from my post the other day that I was hoping to not have to hand wash the cloth diapers much longer. Well, it happened sooner rather than later! Those days are gone, my friends! Take a look at what we got yesterday.

Our very own washing machine! I found it on Craigslist for a great price and Ant went to pick it up last night. Based on how much the machines cost in our building, it'll pay for itself in just a few months. So we should be back in business for cloth diapering full time! We've got 17 now, which is a decent amount, but I think I'll want to order a few more and possibly sell some of the ones I don't like as much.

The drain hose on the washer is like four inches too short for the set up I was hoping to do, so I'll either have to add a piece of hose to make it work or put casters on the bottom so we can wheel it over to the sink. Kind of a pain in the butt, but it should be up and running soon!

And just because I think my baby is the most adorable baby ever, here's a picture of him and his new favorite toy.

Harry was constantly trying to grab at the remote controls and has turned up the volume on the TV a few times so I took out the batteries of a remote we no longer use and let him have at it. Sooooo much better than the hundreds of baby toys we have!


  1. So jealous of your new washer! What kind is it? Is it meant for washer hook up or is it the kind you can use basically anywhere?
    Harry is ADORABLE by the way!

    1. It's a Haier brand and hooks right up to the kitchen sink!!

  2. Jack has hundreds of toys n he couldn't be happier with a subway cookie paper bag.

    1. It's so funny what babies are entertained by! Whatever works, right?


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