Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shopping Carts, Pastries and Carnivals

Shopping Carts
Yesterday we put Harry in a shopping cart for the first time.

It was nice not having to bring in the stroller! Harry did a pretty good job, but did start to get fussy right as we were checking out (where we saved $25 with our coupons!).

On our way home from Target we stopped by Chicago Pastry. The bakery is right by our house and nearly every time we drive by we talk about going in, but never have. Until yesterday, anyways. The little bakery reminded us a lot of the bakery on Cake Boss. They didn't have much as far as cupcakes go but we walked away with a few tasty treats.

We ordered a quarter pound of kolacky, lobster tail, carrot cake (the only kind of cupcake they had!) and a mini loaf of challah.

Mother Nature was good to us last night and we were able to walk over to the Rose Festival (you can see last year's Rose Festival post here). Our first stop was the food tent where I got tacos and Ant got a piece of pizza.

The Rose Festival doesn't appear to be too popular....

The black socks were all dad's idea!
After eating we walked around a little and then Ant and I took turns riding the Tilt-a-Whirl.

I'm such a dweeb sometimes :)

Even though the festival is kind of lame we had a nice time. Harry absolutely loved watching all the rides, he was laughing and squealing so much! I can't wait until August, when the better carnival comes to town.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


  1. What a nice family time! Lame or not you guys know how to spend time together and thats the part that counts. Thanks for sharing your day :)

  2. Harry is absolutely adorable, especially when he smiles :)

  3. Visiting from...well I'm not sure how I got here really, but I'm glad I did. It looks like you had a wonderful day at the carnival. Harry has the cutest smile. Love the header on your blog. The flowers are gorgeous.


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