Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday Stuff

Yesterday we went over to the Rose Festival again for lunch. Ant and I both rode another carnival ride and we played two games in the Bingo tent.

When we got home I did some diaper laundry while Ant played with Harry. He started getting fussy so I suggested Ant feed him some purees. Harry was oddly fussy in his highchair, even when being fed the butternut squash, one of his favorites. I tried feeding him and he still wouldn't stop fussing. I figured he must have been pooping. I got him out of his chair and sure enough, I could smell it.

I took him over to his changing table and he, umm.... wasn't finished. He started squirming and fussing and then a whole bunch came out (ya, this is TMI, feel free to skip ahead!). And then he just started wailing at the top of his lungs. The poop was a lot more solid than he's used to having (from all the Mum Mums and puffs he's been eating I think) so it was a new and unpleasant experience for him.

He cried for almost 10 minutes straight, which was just pitiful! After that whole experience I fed him a bottle and he then fell asleep on my chest, something he hadn't done for months.

Poor baby. After his nap he was feeling much better and even posed in this stylish photo for me.

HAHAHA! What a pose, right? Ant and I were cracking up at him :). And yes, that is a disposable diaper on him. Right now we're just doing the cloth diapering thing part time because washing them by hand is a freaking pain in the butt. We were trying it full time for a while and I was having to do the laundry more than once a day to keep up with it all. Not only was it hard to find the time to hand wash them so often but my back was starting to really hurt. Now I only have to do a load every other night.

I'm really hoping that my hand washing days are numbered so we can go back to doing it full time.

And now let's move on to last night. Ant went out with a few friends so I was on my own at putting Harry to bed. He went down okay and was asleep by 8pm. All was fine until 10:30. He started fussing a bit so I went in to turn his seahorse back on and thought that'd be the end of that. Not hardly. About 10 minutes later he started wailing again so I did everything I could think of to calm him down. After he calmed down he was awake and smiling with no desire to go back to sleep. It was so strange, he's never woken up in the middle of the night like that. Once he's asleep he stays asleep.

Ant got home around 11:30 and we were finally able to get him to fall asleep again a little after midnight.

We don't have anything on the agenda for today, but Ant suggested going over to the Rose Festival again for lunch. I dunno, twice is plenty for me. There aren't that many food booths to chose from and I've tried everything worth trying.

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