Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Playtex Drop-Ins Update

One of the most popular Google searches that brings readers to my blog is "Playtex Drop-Ins". Well, that along with searches for "Batman wedding dress" and "Ellie Kemper bathing suit." "Freaky Friday brother" also generates quite a few hits for me which I think is awesome, since that is where I got the name Harry. Anyways.... since my Playtex Drop-Ins posts are pretty popular I thought I'd do write an update on how we're doing with them. You can see my other two posts about them here and here.

We've been using the system for about six months now and we really like them. We stopped using the standard liners a couple months ago because they disappeared from Amazon (looks like they're now back in stock) and have been using the regular ones. Which are a lot more user-friendly.

The 8-10oz. liners are nice because they expand as you pour liquid in. Harry drinks up to 7oz. at a time right now, but when he starts drinking 8oz. bottles this feature will be nice to accommodate for the formula powder we add.

The measurements on the liners are off so we still have to measure the water in a different bottle and then pour it in. A little annoying, but we're used to it.

Recently Harry has been grabbing at the liners from the open bottom and I was afraid he would puncture them and get formula everywhere. Recently I came up with a solution... one I probably should have thought of sooner.

The caps fit snugly on the bottom so they cover the liners! Yay! We just have the basic set and it doesn't look like the premium nursers can do the same thing, so keep that in mind.

We're still using the silicone nipples. We switched to the fast flow a week or two after he turned 6 months. I feel that the Playtex nipples are slower in general than other brands, so if he starts struggling with them we'll have to switch his formula feedings to sippy cups. 

We've been really happy with the Playtex Drop-Ins and will continue to use them until Harry no longer uses bottles, or until the nipple isn't fast enough for him.

Disclaimer: We purchased the Playtex Drop-Ins nursers and all accessories ourselves. I was not compensated in any way for this post. I'm just a mom sharing what has worked well for my family :)

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  1. Hi mommy harry.. nice to meet your post. I want to ask you how to make formula with this playtex? Can I put the powder first and then put water (measurement with other bottle)? How the drop ins liner works? Is it have a seal so I can put the powder first and go mobile? (For cut time and minimize the baby gear) big thanks ;))


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