Sunday, June 10, 2012

OUAC and Ravioli-Oli

Yesterday we went to Once Upon A Child to find Harry some new clothes. They had a clearance event going on and we found a few items in 9 and 12 month sizes.

We spent a little less than $40 for everything. The best deal we got was the camo sleep sack. It was quite a steal at just $2.80! Our most random find was the San Diego Chargers romper; they're my dad's favorite football team so we had to get it. I was hoping to find a few more onesies in 12 month size but we didn't have much luck there.

After our shopping excursion we went to Ravioli-Oli, a new eatery not too far from OUAC. We found out about the restaurant through Groupon a few weeks ago. By the time we went to purchase the deal they were sold out but we were still interested in trying the place.

It doesn't look like much on the outside, but holy cow was it awesome! When we first got inside the owner was up front making fresh raviolis. He explained to us how his grandmother was the inspiration behind the restaurant and how their ravioli was made with a much thinner dough than most other raviolis.

To start, Ant ordered the tomato basil bisque and I ordered a house salad.

The salad was freaking amazing. Way more than I expected to get from a fast casual restaurant. The balsamic vinaigrette was perfectly tangy, but the fresh mozzarella was the star of the show. I'd go back just for the salad! Ant said his soup was really yummy, too.

For our raviolis Ant ordered a plate of the spinach artichoke with vodka sauce and I ordered a half order each of the spinach artichoke and plain cheese, both with marinara sauce. Both pastas were excellent, but the spinach artichoke was my favorite, so flavorful! I tried a little of Ant's vodka sauce and I liked it a little more than the marinara, I'll definitely order that next time, whenever that might be since it's a bit of a trek for us.

When we got home I let Harry play with his new sippy cup.

We weren't having tons of luck with the other sippy cups we have so I thought one with a straw might work better. Plus, you never have to wean a baby off of a straw! I'm not sure if he drank much water, but you can tell from his shirt that he at least got some out of the cup :).


  1. That is the same sippy that ended up working for my girl it can leak when flung around but we like it alot

  2. Those ravioli's are making me so hungry! Yum!

  3. OMG I want to jump on a plane and go to Ravioli Oli right now!! They look soo yummy!!

  4. that bisque looks delicious and the pasta has me brainstorming what's for dinner now. Looks really yummy. And Harry is one cutie.


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