Thursday, June 7, 2012

It Was Better!

Ohhhhh thank goodness yesterday was better than Tuesday! I don't think I could take another day like that. In the morning Ant took Harry to Wal-Mart for some formula and disposable diapers (we still like having them on hand even though we've been 100% in cloth for the last two days). A little after noon I took Harry out to the park I mentioned in yesterday's post. It's not close enough to walk to so Harry got to ride in his new car seat!

We installed his new Graco MyRide 65 on Tuesday after we had to take out the infant seat so Ant could pick up the washing machine.

When we got to the park and took a few laps around the lake.

There were quite a few people on the walking path and there were even a few fisherman out there. It was such a perfect day to try out the park, the temperature gauge in my car said 72 degrees. And of course while I was enjoying the new scenery Mr. Harry was sound asleep.

So typical :). The park also has a really awesome playground. It was really crowded when we walked by. There were all these crazy jungle gyms and they even had huge built-in sprinkler things for kids (and parents!) to play around in. Harry's a bit too young to enjoy that kind of thing right now but we'll definitely have to give it a try when he gets older. 

After we got home Harry was in a pretty good mood, he only started to get fussy around five o'clock when he was fighting a nap. 

And happy 7th month birthday to my baby boy! I'll hopefully get his monthly update posted later this afternoon.

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  1. I think our boys are 10 days apart. Vincent will be 7 months on the 17th. :-) Looks like a great park!


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