Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Harry and Pearl

Harry just loves our cat Pearl. She's pretty indifferent to him but he always smiles and giggles when he sees her, it's pretty cute. She's let him pet her a few times and that is the best thing ever as far as Harry is concerned. He's actually really nice with her and only yanked her fur once, which Pearl didn't appreciate but didn't get aggressive with him thank goodness.

Pearl likes to get up on the changing table in the nursery and look out the window. I usually try to shoo her off right away but the other day I just had to see how they'd interact up there together.

Clearly someone enjoyed himself :).

Harry's second tooth officially made it's appearance yesterday, too. He was a little fussy all day because of it, which was no fun. But, he did hit a major developmental milestone last night that I'm hoping to capture on film today, so check back tomorrow morning for photos and maybe a video. And no.... it's not crawling!


  1. LOL! I love his facial expression in that last picture! My son does this "huh huh huh" laugh that is not his normal laugh when the cats get near him. It's the dorkiest most hilarious thing ever. huh huh huh!

  2. Aw I love this! So sweet :)


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