Friday, June 29, 2012

Fluff Envy

Yesterday Harry and I met up with some friends at Fluff Envy, a cloth diaper store in South Elgin. One of my friends bought one of my cloth diapers that didn't fit Harry very well so of course I had to get something to replace it!

A new Tots Bots AIO diaper! I purchased the Enormous Turnip print from their new fairy tales line. It's too cute. I am currently obsessed with finding a London Tots Bots, but they seem to be sold out everywhere Stateside :(. Along with the diaper I got two lollidoo organic inserts on sale and a mini jar of CJ's BUTTer in the Monkey Farts sent (it smells soooooo good!).

I really liked Fluff Envy. They have a great selection of cloth diapering stuff and other green products. I just wish it didn't take us over a half hour to get there. But, it's probably for the best that it isn't super close so I'm not tempted to go shopping every week!

After Fluff Envy we went to the mall to hang out. We chilled at the food court for a bit, all our babies had such a fun time interacting! Unfortunately the mall didn't seem to care that it was 100 degrees out and the air conditioning was basically non-existent.

On our way home I was driving through a large construction zone and Harry started screaming. Like absolute gut-wrenching screams. Because we were in a construction area I couldn't pull over anywhere to see what was wrong. At one point we were at a standstill on the road, it was awful. I was trying to console him as much as I could from the driver's seat, but it didn't work much. I even started crying a little because I felt so bad. By the time we got to an area where I could have pulled over he had cried himself to sleep. Poor guy.

Despite the blasting air conditioning the whole ride Harry was extremely sweaty when we got home. I stripped him down to his diaper and cooled him off with a wet washcloth.

Look how red his little cheekys were!

Happy Friday! I had a great Flashback Friday post in mind for today but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get to it. The pictures are in one of my old scrapbooks, and it's hard to find time during the day when Harry is content by himself for a few minutes. I'll get to it at some point!

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  1. Aww those are the worst moments! Violet's done that too and it's heart wrenching. That picture of him is adorable though. Harry's such a heartbreaker :)


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