Monday, June 18, 2012

Cloth Diaper Update

Now that we've been doing the cloth diaper thang for a while I thought I'd give an update to how it's going. Since I posted our original stash photo, we've added a few more diapers to our collection.

Five more, to be exact.

Top Row: Imagine, Blueberry
Middle Row: Bum Genius 4.0, Tweedle Bugs
Bottom Row: Blueberry

(I linked to where we purchased the diapers)

Here are my thoughts on each of brand of diaper (parentheses indicate how many of each kind we have).

Blueberry (2): The newest diapers in my stash. I bought them through a Plum District deal for EcoMom. They're kind of bulky, but have worked well the few times I've used them. They seem really absorbent and could potentially be a good choice for overnights. 
BumGenius 4.0 (2): BGs are great. Bulky, but great. We use them overnight (12+ hours) and have never had a problem with leaks. 
FuzziBunz One Size Elite/Perfect Size (4): I think I prefer the One Size to the Perfect Size but in general I like FuzziBunz. The One Sizes are extremely trim. We have medium Perfect Sizes and Harry is at the very small end for fitting in them, so they're a tad bit bulky and have leaked a couple times if I don't fold in the gussets (something I've started doing with every diaper).
GroVia AIO (1): I love this trim fitting diaper. GroVia diapers are designed a little differently because the snaps are on the inside. We've never had leaks with this diaper but I worry that Harry feels too wet because it's cotton on the inside, not fleece.
Imagine (3): I love these! I'd never head of them before purchasing, but I'm so glad I took the risk. We use the two with snaps as overnight diapers and haven't had any issues. Our only aplix (Velcro) diaper is an Imagine and I leave it for Ant to use since they're more "dad friendly."
Kawaii (2): So many moms recommend Kawaiis. I can't say I'm a fan. The fit isn't right for Harry; the ones we have leak most of the time. One of them stuffs in the front, too. Not a good thing when you have a little boy!
Oh Katy (1): This is definitely a "use only if you have to" type diaper. Another brand that doesn't fit him quite right. It stuffs in the front like the one Kawaii I have and it has leaked every.single.time. The diaper has these extra hip snaps that should, in theory, help prevent leaks. Nope. 
Thirsties Duo AIO (1): Not a fan of this one. I have the size 2 so Harry should fit in the smallest setting, but that seems a bit too short in the rise for him. We've had some leaks with it, too.
Trend Lab (1): I thought I was going to hate this diaper, but it's not too bad. The microfiber insert touches Harry's skin, which is a design flaw, but we actually haven't had any rash problems with it. If I remember I'll put a flushable liner in it, but that doesn't always happen.
Tweedle Bugs (2): My favorite daytime diaper. This little known brand is amazing. The fit is perfect and we've not had any leaks. I wish I had more of these!

I want to sell the diapers that don't work so well for us and replace them with ones we do like. I would really like to get another GroVia AIO and Tweedle Bug.

I am so happy we took the plunge and tried cloth diapering. I really like it, and Ant is coming around to it more and more. We still keep some Huggies on hand for when we go out (sometimes we do cloth) or when we think he's going to poop. Spraying the diapers in the toilet isn't fun, so we try and avoid it when we can. 

One plus about cloth diapering I didn't think about was that we hardly ever have to use diaper cream! Harry's never had a full blown diaper rash, but with disposables his butt would get a little red sometimes so we were using Butt Paste every other day-ish. I'll use CA Baby or CJ's BUTTer on him every so often, but it's really not necessary because he just doesn't get red down there like he used to.

Oh, and I need to update our overnight diapering routine. One night I took out the terrycloth burp rags just to see. No leaks! I did add an extra microfiber insert to the Imagines, but it's still less laundry to do.

And on a totally unrelated note, I linked up with Really, Are You Serious? this week for Krystyn's Mommy and Me link party. I love the concept: post a picture of you and your baby! I'm always the one taking pictures so this is a great way to make sure I'm in at least a few of them.

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

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  1. Totally agree with you on the Imagines - they really are excellent diapers. I love how strong the aplix are on them, much better than BGs.

    Been meaning to try the Thirsties AIO, but now I'm not so sure. They seem to get mixed reviews.


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