Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby's First Swim

Yesterday we took Harry swimming for the first time! Our condo complex has a small pool that we've been wanting to try out. Harry loves bath time so we had a feeling he'd feel right at home in the pool.

Rockin' the shades

The pool isn't heated so the water was really cold! Surprisingly Harry didn't mind it at all. He was a little apprensive of the pool at first, but after a half hour in the water he was lovin' it.

Hi Mom!

He even got to the point where he was laughing and kicking his legs around.

We all had a great time and plan on making it over to the pool a couple mornings a week.

In case you were wondering...Harry is wearing iPlay swimwear... reusable swim diaper, swim shirt and sun hat. If you're interested in iPlay swimwear, be sure to check out their size chart. The brand runs really small, Harry is in the 12 month size! To keep him floating we put him in the My Baby Float.

And, Harry can now give kisses! Very slobbery, open mouth kisses! Pretty much the most adorable thing ever. Here's another picture from yesterday. I gave Harry some finger foods and Pearl wanted to see what he was doing. They were staring at each other for a bit, but of course as soon as I grabbed my camera Pearl looked away. Just my luck.


  1. Hi! My name is Rachel and I am popping over from Jenna's Journey. Harry is so cute! oh my goodness! He looked so comfy in the water! I hope my future kids will be water babies!


  2. Hello! I'm stopping in from Jenna's Commenting Challenge. These photos {and your little guy} are simply adorable! I'm hoping my daughter turns out to be a water baby. Hoping to be able to find out soon... she's 1 year old & is yet to make it into a pool. How sad is that?? Feel free to stop in for a visit sometime!

    -Jessica of {Sugar in My Grits}

  3. Stopping by from the Comment Challenge! I have to say, you have a new follower :) Your little man is adorable. He is a month younger then my own little man. Blaine (mine) loves the water too! The first time in the pool he kicked his legs non-stop. Cant wait to see what new adventures you and your little guy have.


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