Thursday, June 21, 2012

And... We're Standing

Yesterday I mentioned how Harry accomplished a big milestone on Monday. My not-so-little boy can now pull himself up into a standing position!

I was speechless the first time he did it. We were just playing on the floor and he reached up, grabbed the edge of the table and next thing I know he's standing. So crazy! He's done it about a bajillion times since, too.

I also took a short video clip of him standing up.

I'm such a proud mama! Most babies don't pull up until they're at least 8 months so it feels great that Harry is ahead of schedule, especially since he's hit a lot of his past milestones on the later side.

Pretty soon he'll be making his way around the table. He's still not crawling or scooting on the ground and I won't be surprised if he never really does.

Here are a few random pictures from yesterday, too.

Harry snuggling with Daddy.

Harry thinks cold pop cans are fun to touch. He also likes touching my warm coffee mugs in the morning.

I made Harry some brown rice for dinner last night. I added it to some zucchini puree along with a little garlic powder and oregano. He didn't like it, but to his credit I didn't make it right. The rice wasn't nearly as soft as it should have been and I cooked it for nearly an hour. When we go to the store tomorrow I'm going to pick up some instant rice so I can make it in the microwave.


  1. The picture of Harry with his Daddy is so sweet!

  2. SO PRECIOUS! :) I wish I had something soft like your table for Little Girl to try and pull up on.

    1. Thank you! Our table is from Target, we got it as a wedding gift. Before you know it your little girl will be doing the same thing!


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