Thursday, June 7, 2012

7 Months Old

Harry is celebrating his golden month birthday today... he is turning seven months old on the seventh day of the month! Ya, something I just totally made up myself :).


Look at those long legs!

Weight: Right around 18 pounds
 Height: Very close to 29 inches
 Diaper Size: Mostly cloth diapers (yay!) but we are still in size 3 Huggies when we use disposables. In this month's picture he's wearing a FuzziBunz One Size Elite, they are just as trim as disposables!
Clothing Size: Still 3-6 months for most everything. His sleepers are getting too short so I will be switching those out for the 6-9 month ones today.
Eating: 6-7 ounces of Similac Advance formula 5 times a day. Solids are still a bit of a mystery to me. We were giving him yogurt in the morning and purees towards dinner time but after a few days he wasn't interested in the purees anymore. Right now we're doing 2-5 ounces of purees once a day and then a couple Mum Mum crackers or some fruit in a mesh feeder at dinner time. I also give him puffs throughout the day.
Sleeping: The past couple weeks Harry hasn't been sleeping as well. We had that one terrible night and ever since then I just feel like he's not sleeping  as deeply as he has in the past. He's also waking up about an hour after he first falls asleep. Fortunately just turning on his seahorse and giving him a paci seems to do the trick. He's been going down around 8pm and wakes up anywhere from 7-8am.

And we have to add a new category this month!

Teeth: So far just one, the bottom right one. His first tooth popped up just a few days ago.

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