Monday, May 21, 2012

Sitting Unassisted + Video

Look what Harry did yesterday!

6 months 1 week and 6 days old

Harry sat up on the floor for the very first time without any support. So exciting!  He managed to stay like that for 15 seconds or so, not too shabby for a first-timer. He's been sitting up on the couch for a while now (you can see here and here) but hasn't had any interest in sitting on the floor until now.

We also switched him to the fast flow nipples yesterday. Harry was getting frustrated with his bottles the past few days so it definitely was the right time to switch. He's taken to them just fine.

And here is a video I took of Harry this past Thursday showing off his new favorite thing... rolling! This was right after he mastered rolling both ways and was so excited to show off his skills.

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