Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mum Mums + Which Wich

Mum Mums
Yesterday during our shopping trip to Target I picked up some Mum Mum crackers for Harry.

Harry likes the Happy Baby Puffs we got him but is having a hard time getting them in to his mouth by himself so I thought the Mum Mums would be a good option since they're so much bigger. They were a big hit with little man!

 I didn't think Harry would finish the cracker, but he ended up eating two! A lot crumbs ended up on his shirt but he really liked them and it was so great seeing him feed himself. 

I tried a little piece of a cracker and it doesn't taste like much. It's very bland with a hint of sweetness. Basically they're really big Rice Krispies.

And I have to brag about how much we saved between our coupons and Target card... $32! To extreme couponers I bet that doesn't sound like much, but for just taking a half hour to visit a few websites and print out coupons I thought we did pretty good. The best deal of the day was our Diet Pepsi. 12-packs are $2.25 each right now! We usually buy Coke Zero but Diet Pepsi tastes okay and you can't go wrong with that price. I also purchased a large butternut squash for $1.29 to make in to baby food. I'm sure it'll make at least 10 ounces so that was a total steal (last time I bought some pre-packaged diced squash).

ETA: I pureed the butternut squash and it made 29 ounces of baby food! That's under 5¢ an ounce! 

Which Wich
For dinner last night we headed to a new sandwich place, Which Wich. Ant had been to their Chicago shop but I believe they only recently opened one out our way (thanks to Sara for the tip!). I ordered your basic turkey sandwich with cheddar, light mayo, Dijon and lettuce. 

Harry had a great time sitting in a restaurant-style highchair for the first time. 

He did a great job. Next on the list is tackling shopping carts :)


  1. With the mum-mum crackers, are those ones 12m+ ? We sell them here in NZ but on the packaging it says 12m+. I really wanted to get Jack some.

    1. I don't think so, I think 6 months is okay, they dissolve pretty fast. They do have a toddler style of Mum Mums, so maybe that's what you saw?


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