Thursday, May 17, 2012

Indoor Rain & Photo Dump

Last night we had an incident with our upstairs neighbors. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite as funny as the run-in we had with another set of neighbors last week. Around dinner time Ant was in the bathroom and it started raining. Water was pouring down from the vent right above the toilet. Ewwww! Our upstairs neighbors have been doing construction on their condo all week so we knew they had something to do with it. I quickly ran upstairs and let them know. They were apologetic and fixed the problem fast, thank goodness.

They almost ruined my drying cloth diapers on Tuesday, too. The dipes were on the patio when the guy upstairs started sawing something on their balcony. I moved my clothes rack inside just before they swept all the sawdust in between the slats and on to our patio. I really hope their almost done with their construction!

Now on to the fun part of the post, pictures of my Harry-boo!

He's been rolling on to his side during playtime for a while now but just the other day he made it all the way on to his tummy. Tuesday night he kept rolling over but couldn't figure out how to get back on his back. He's forgotten how to roll that way. Since he still hates being on his tummy we had to help him every time. I just wanted to tell him just because he can roll doesn't mean he has to!

However, yesterday he magically started enjoying tummy time! He rolled over with a purpose and played with some of his toys. He still wasn't able to roll the other way when he got tired of it, but at least he doesn't start screaming the second he's on his tummy anymore!

One of my favorite pictures I've taken of Harry

He started on his back in the middle of the playmat! (Ant took this picture)

Harry hasn't slept on his tummy yet but this morning he rolled over in his crib after he woke up. It was a little earlier than he usually wakes up so I tried rolling him back over so he could go back to sleep, but nope, he just rolled on to his tummy again! Silly kid :)

Here are a few more pictures we've taken recently.

He's always grabbing for things nowadays (Ant took this one, too)

We're still trying to master the sippy cup

My dad is the biggest Chargers fan and got Harry this onesie for Easter

He kept trying to roll over while I was taking the pictures

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Love all the pictures of Harry. Question do you have a gigantic cat?(noticed in one of your photos)

    1. Thanks Jess! Our cat's really not that big, I swear! She's about 7 lbs I think, and is super fluffy :).


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