Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flying Shoes

This morning Ant and I were just hanging out and we kept hearing noises outside. This week the electric company has been around our condo doing some work so we thought the noise was coming from the workers. Our blinds were closed so when we heard a loud clunk right near our sliding door we decided to investigate. This is what we found.

A whole bunch of crap! We actually saw one of the shoes drop. Wondering who was throwing things Ant went out to the parking lot and discovered the culprit was the two year old boy who lives on the top floor of our building. Today was the day he discovered gravity apparently. Too funny!

Ant gathered up some of the things and took it upstairs. I guess the mom had a horrified look on her face when a man showed up at her door with her shoes! Ant explained the situation and she came down and grabbed the rest of the stuff.

My question is, how could you not know your child was doing this? I don't have a two year old so maybe I'm unaware of how sneaky they can be, but our condos aren't that big as to where you wouldn't hear your kid opening and closing the sliding door. I'm just glad that shoes were the biggest thing he tossed overboard!

We got a good chuckle out of the whole situation.

In my mommy Facebook group we all shared photos that highlighted our babies' eyes. Here's the one I posted.

His eyes are still blue so I think there's a good chance they'll stay that way. We shall see!


  1. That is pretty darn funny! kids are very sneaky but doors are usually pretty loud lol. Harry is so cute!

    1. It was really funny, and thanks Gail!!

  2. Darn to bad it wasnt flying cash :) 2 year old are very sneaky thats why you have to keep them in eye and hearing distance haha. She should count her blessings your husband didnt find her under clothes lol!

    1. Flying cash would have been awesome! And can you imagine flying undies, hahaha!


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