Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First Time in Cloth!

So the whole line drying thing might not work for my pocket cloth diapers. By this morning the actual diapers were dry, but the inserts were still really, really damp. This morning we got five more diapers delivered so I quickly hand washed all those and then threw all the inserts in the dryer. A 45 minute cycle did the trick and we were in business! I stuffed the five I washed yesterday and put a Kawaii diaper on Harry.

kawaii cloth diaper

He looks cute with a fluffy butt, right? We don't have a diaper pail yet, so this will probably be the only one he wears until I can get to the store, which will hopefully be in the next couple days.

Off to make dinner, tonight we're doing a Bertolli Meal Soup, hopefully it's yummy!


  1. We use a metal step can and a Planet wise liner with baking soda in the bottom of the can! When we were getting things ready to cloth, I read in multiple locations that this is the best. So far, her room doesn't smell like ammonia and we've been clothing for 3 months!

    1. Good idea about the baking soda, thanks for the tip, I always have a big box of it laying around!

  2. He's adorable! My little guy is 4 months and we're just getting into cloth diapers and I love them! The cuteness factor makes the extra work totally worth it :)

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